Titanium Frames?

Have a hankering for a titanium roadie, at the moment considering DEAN or MOOTS with S&S couplers, doesn’t really need to be custom as I fit nicely on a standard 55cm.

So what am I missing, considerd a Baum but just can’t justify the extra cost.

The new GT TI looks pretty cool

About $2200

Have you looked into Lynskey or Litespeed? They might have something you’re after.
I spoke to a bike mechanic friend of mine yesterday who said he rode a Lynskey and was completely underwhelmed, until the owner installed an ENVE fork and it completely transformed the way it rode (into something fantastic). Maybe something to consider.

Edit: holy shit that GT looks good. Tapered head tube?

Considered, spent ages stalking used litespeeds on ebay but nothing ever really came through, not super sold on some of the lynsky styling.

Presumably fails the S&S requirement, possibly passes the blakey approval test.

And talk to Captain Commuter who just purchased a sweet sweet Helix Lynskey

CRC havin some awesome deals on some of their lynskey frames

that GT is naaaiiice.

Rumour has it these aren’t much chop. QC issues too maybe.

Sick deals on lynskeys on CRC right now for sure, buy a good fork and enjoy. If you want S&S, you’re stuck going custom or finding a Ti welder locally to retrofit them.

CRC always seem to have Lynskeys on special. I’m sure I’ve seen them discounted there regularly.

That’s a shame because they look nice in the photo’s.
The lynsky are good buying ATM, unless I was planning on traveling a lot I would just get a good bike bag.

i’ve owned 2 and ridden lots. Ti is lovely, but it isn’t the wonder material everyone claims it to be. it isn’t that light, it isn’t that stiff and DOES NOT last forever. in fact if it its built light it’s really flexy and fails a lot. if you’re wanting to spend some dough, get a stainless steel or just regular steel(for less dough) with S&S couplers.

+45 on getting a good fork(preferably straight blade, curved forks suck). i had a POS real design fork on my litespeed and the bike actually turned corners once i put a funda on it.

bottom line. would i buy another ti bike? yep, if i had the money/the want. would it be as good as my crabon bikes. nope. would i care. nope.

This is why there are no Ti forks (that don’t fail)

a.davis is spot on

Get steel, I’m not convinced with stainless steel as a FRAME TUBE material.

Seen a few failures

But I’ve got four steel bikes…

Then you need crabon, you would get a bullshit nice carbon frame for these prices.

But I’ve got two carbon bikes…

Dedacciai have a ti frame in their range. Used to be able to get it from Wiggle but I think the local distro may have blocked that - was about $2700 last time I looked.

Sounds like you want Ti for wants sake, which is cool. Just do it!
What about a CAAD10 ‘high end’ alloy?? :smiley:

not enough

Also steel is not steel

Every different frame will ride and handle different.

What tubing? What butting profile? what angles? what lengths?