Titanium Frames?

Flax! Bamboo!

Does anyone do magnesium any more?

Sounds like its settled, a custom steel with s and s , full enve and 80th campy anniversary group.

Track Bike - unknown, must start a what is this frame thread for that one.
731 fillet Brazed
Merckx Corsa Extra
Surly Pacer - gas pipe

And Hortaio, got three aluminium bikes, had considered a CAAD10…

campag eps, but I do like where you are going…

Care to elaborate?

While I tend to agree that the “stainlessness” of a material isn’t super important for frames I have a vaguely professional curiosity :stuck_out_tongue:

How many bikes you got??

2 carbon, 4 steel, 3 alus = 9

so number 10 a Ti frame surely!


I’d go stainless steel myself, not Ti

Working on a nice pyramid…

1 titanium (to come)
2 Carbon
3 Aluminium
4 Steel

Do they use those S&S couplings for belt drives? I’ve only seen ‘split’ frames.

not that I’m aware of.
S&S couplers are hideously complex to machine and hence expensive (though entirely necessary when breaking the main tubes)
lap joint style seat stay couplings or splittable dropouts are relatively easy and cheap to make get the job done (though they’s be either unsuitable or super heavy for breaking main tubes)

What appears to be QC issues, have seen some fucked up cracks in places that there should not be fucked up cracks

They do come in sizes down to 15mm diameter but you would probably need themin both seat and chain stay.

Flex that jam. I’ve seen them in SS applications for belts, but laps are simpler.

makes sense, the alloys being used for stainless bike tubes aren’t the easiest things to turn into thin wall seamless tubes (KVA is welded, which is why it’s half price, also susceptible to SCC which may or may not be a problem in practice).

One might wonder why something easier isn’t used and that would be because there is nothing easier that is both stainless and has high enough yield stresses to compete with high end carbon steel.

If you want Ti, get Ti.

I hate it when people tell me what I ‘actually’ want, instead of what I wanted in the first place.

I’d be inclined to give that Helix Ti thing that CC bought a go. Not only is it Ti, but it has twisted tubes too. 2 birds, 1 stone.

Or just go all out and get a Baum. #yolo or something.

I would avoid eps for another 6 months,
They have had some shit brains getting around.
Apparently the 2013 is better but 2012 is hit and miss,
My mates shop has replaced about 5 brains and probably only sold 10 or less.

50% failure rate?? FUUUCKK

Yeah not sure if every one is having the same fail rate but a guy at work has it on two bikes and one is fucked.