To solidify my BOGAN status

Bogan status? A giant fuck-off sized bundy rum sticker.

I can’t believe no one has yet suggested the Eureka Flag…

or southern cross, or ‘fuck off, we’re full’

What about reverse psychology like ‘magic happens’?

Slightly OT but it could work for you.
i’ve always wanted a T-shirt with big letters

“You look fat in those pants”


Swap the No Fat Chicks sticker for a Yes Fat Chicks one…

The necks are pretty red where I come from, so here are some more options-

“If you don’t like it, leave”
“My other car is a boat”
“Good cowgirls keep their calves together”
“Adventure before dementure”
“Fat chicks - shoot 'em, don’t root 'em”
“Conargo Pub”
“Where the fuck is Conargo?”

As for who could make your stickers, most printing shops will do them to spec, just look for business card printers and you’ll be good. I think it’ll cost you around $30.

just get this really big across the tailgate:

no fat hicks

I shoot fish and I vote

i want to punch people that have those on their cars

actual sticker. i also had another one that said “have a nice day! masturbate!”

I think you should get a huge sticker in your back window :stuck_out_tongue:

that is pretty much my day today life

I wonder if Onan had any idea where his simple gesture would lead



“youse just gotten overtakerated”

How about, ‘My other car is a tallbike.’

You need more than stickers…