To solidify my BOGAN status

Hey guys/girls/others, I wanted a little help.
Not advice-dog type of help I can find just anywhere on the internets, oh no.
I want a big white sticker for the back of my ute. I don’t want a Unit/Von Zipper/Famous stars and stripes/Fallen sticker like every other bogan who drives a commodore though. Skate/surf/bmx stickers are not what I’m after cos I don’t partake in those activities.

So can anyone point me to a sweet sticker for my rear window? I was thinking I’d go get a custom Wu-Tang sticker, but I’d like to hear opinions.

why don’t you get one that simply says “big white sticker”?

an ode to your favourite blogger maybe?

Oh mckenny you’re a genius!

Markee, your link doesn’t work 0_o

Also, might buy this: HEAD TRAUMA SUCKS bike sticker bicycle fixed gear (eBay item 110414302323 end time 08-Mar-11 10:10:52 AEDST) : Sporting Goods

Edit: these ones are pretty cool too:

I don’t know about you, but if you want to stamp bogan on your car then you cannot go past this…

…as I see every other bogan family with one or ten.

you could go with the classic bogan stickers, such as
‘no fat chicks’
‘beer, grass or ass, nobody rides for free’
‘yes this is my ute, no i will not help you move’
<R.M williams logo>

my general policy with stickers though is to only put free ones on. currently my car has gamers4croyden and ‘i love biscuits’ stickers, both that i got free

They ran out of the cyclist daddy one at autobarn.

Also, Check these out!

Might stick them on my headlights

a mate of mine mates these kind of custom stickers for car windows professionally, but in Sydney, can ask what he can do for ya if your keen

Hey cheers rowan!
I was gonna hit up a guy in hallam who did some work for a mate’s business, but if that falls through I might give you a buzz!

Find a picture and head into your local Officeworks or Printing Centre. I was in Officeworks today and they do like extremly cheap sticker printing. I got a few done today. So as long as you have the image they can print it. Should save a few bucks.

that cartoon picture of a kid pissing on the badge of either ford or Holden, depending on your car. That’s my personal favorite.

No Root No Ride

Even better if it is pissing on the same brand as your car, that will confuse your bogan brothers.

“I Hunt and I Vote”


“I Brake for Traditional Marriage”

Gas, Grass or Ass: Nobody rides for free.

ebay is full of bogan car stickers.

I saw one that says ‘Bon Lives’ on a flat-bed ute that was blasting out Highway to Hell. Truly awe inspiring.

“wank for god”

actual huge lolz