to straggler or not.

if you are after a 56 stop thinking about it as I bought their last one :wink:

  1. They have 2 left :slight_smile:

then stop over thinking it and go for it. The only real difference are the color and the brakes as someone mentioned before so what shouldnt work out?!

Ordered! Woot

errybody is getting new bikes today and quite decisively! nice.

Also bought a new bike today #immineownvalentine


TC: wish I was getting one of them surly 29ers…

Tried to convince my boss a Krampus would be a good fleet/shop bike, he didn’t buy it.

What are your plans? Ride it stock or make some changes?

well mine just arrived at work. YAY. Will have to learn how to put a bike together now :slight_smile:

At the very lest, take the bottom bracket out and grease it.

Thread revival… I’m coming into the market for something like the straggler and I do like. Can you boys post em up and how you finding yours the_quass??

I would see no reason not to get one. I freakin love my cross check

+1 and if the Straggler is as good but with disc brakes go for it. Love the colour btw. My Cross Check is one of the most fun bikes I ever had and most certainly the most versatile bike I ever owned. Threw some RockNRoads on it and ride trails on end. Home on tarmac in the drops and loving the speed it gets up to. Its not a light weight but once you got used to it you dont feel the wheight at all…and I dont mind it a second.

How do you find the RockNRoads? Are they really as good as everyone reckons? Are they on tubeless?

Love them! I run them on very low pressure 30-40psi in the dirt and they perform great. They are also rolling nicely on the road when pumped up a bit harder and dont feel slow at all. They are noisy on tarmac though but I dont really mind it. They have a lot of grip and I feel very confident, especially on trails not really “made” for the Cross Check as such. They may wear out a bit faster when riding a lot of tarmac with them but thats yet to be confirmed. They suit my style of riding pretty well, fit great on the Cross Check and I even like how they make the bike look. There a few people in the US having there bikes built around this tire, that must say something as well. Would go for them again, havent flatted them yet (and I ride a lot of pretty rocky trails) and I ride them with tubes.

Sweet. Haven’t heard anybody say bad things about them.

+1. Totally agree. The dropouts look proper wacky but I’m sure they work just fine, and it still has the super short headtube of the CrossCheck but other than that I can’t fault it. I too love my CrossCheck and the only thing that I would change next time is running discs rather than cantis. Short of getting a custom Hunter or Kumo, I can’t think of a single other frame I’d rather run for that purpose (commuting / gravel / light touring / C grade CX).

Well I’ll keep on with the cross check love vibe… I do all of the above + bunch riding and road races on it.
(I’m eagerly waiting for my Kumo for all roadie duties though)

The cross check will then take on dirt duties only. I’m interested in the discussion on rockNroads above as I’m getting pinch flats on almost every longish dirt rides I do (using ritchey cx tires, probably asking too much of them)