How good is it? Best food out I reckon.

I like it with dark cherry jam on one slice and peanut butter on the other, with a glass of milk. I also like marmalade and vegemite. Sourdough of course.

The best toaster in the world is the Sunbeam Toastermatic. They don’t make them anymore, but the old ones are repairable, and they’re totally awesome. I think mine was made in 1954 or something. It’s 2000w so cooks quickly, crusting up the outside perfectly while the inside is still a bit chewy. You can chuck it in frozen or whatever; it’ll cook it perfectly every time.

Anyway, just thought I’d start the thread and see what pops up.

Toast is the best! So sick of having cheap crappy toasters though. Any other recommendations?

I’m tempted to have another wedding party just so we can get a decent toaster.

Edit: Also, I see what you did there at the end Pete. Well played.

I know this thread just started, but it’s been a slice.

Peanut butter (unsweetened) with hotsauce (tapatio etc) is good.

Peanut butter and sour cherry jam on the same piece, or substitute jam for nutella.

Marmite and Avocado is a classic.

Fruit toast with blue cheese.

Ajvar and cheese.

I used to have a toaster that instead of two slots had one long one, you could push the lever down, then slide in a piece of untoasted cheese on toast, lie the toaster on its side, put a plate next to it and the slice of cheese on toast would pop out onto the plate.

Obvious pop tart reference is obvious.

I’ve considered a magic toaster that runs variable power to the elements so that the time to cook is constant from warmed to charred. Then I realised that it would affect the internal temperature too much.

sourdough, toasted then rubbed with a garlic clove, olive oil, avocado, S&P & some viagrr/la bomba chili/eggplant/shroom mix
peanut butter/sliced tomatoes from the garden/S&P.
onion bagels
fruition fruit loaf
all great.

I’ve been a toast connoisseur for a long time:

I grew up with one of those, guess everyone did. Eventually died, but did decades of service.

TC: I love it when I accidently on purpose burn the toast and I whack some butter/marg on it.

I roll one of these:

Does four slices or six English muffins. Even browning. Buttons are useless. Easy to clean.

Was probably repairable. Your new one on the other hand, it’ll probably end up with a burnt out circuit board.

breakfast* of champions right there it’s like a warm reeses peanut butter cup

*also lunch, dinner and midnight snack

This is when I eat toast the most.

We should have an FOA toast party at Crompton.

I eat a lot less toast now that peanut butter is banned from our house.

Peanut butter and toast, perfect combo of carbs, fat, protein and flavour.

My Great Aunt had a Toastermatic. We’d spend summer holidays with her in Aireys Inlet and as kids the Toastermatic always fascinated my sister and me. There’s a good chance she bought it after she moved out from the UK in the early 50s. I wish I knew where it went.

I just had a piece with tahini and raspberry jam and a cup of Earl Grey. My day improved immensely.

Steve Albini is a huge fan of toast. According to his old cooking blog.
I just bought a sweet breville fully automatic toaster. Cost a fortune for a toaster, but is so good.

Best way to make toast is over/under a flame. Gas stove, or under a salamander (wish I had one at home) - really though a toaster works I suppose.

Toppings - natural peanut butter + melted chocolate
Avo, goats cheese, fried egg, S+P, hot sauce
Creamed spinach, mushrooms, fried egg (this week’s breakfast at my house)

Good thread!

What the fuck would you know.

It went under the knife a few times, the replacement was pretty crumby.


That looks like bread. Not toast.