Today was the first time...

I’ve ever had a gun pulled on my by an asshole in a car. Somehow I dont think I really appreciated the gravity of the situation, just kind of went on my way.

What?!! :-o :-o

Did you report it to the cops? That’s just a little too extreme to let slip on by :confused:

Thats fucked. This is Melbourne and we shouldn’t have to put up with situations like that, even if we weren’t a cyclist. As Nath said you should go to the cops as soon as you’ve got your head straight. Even if you can’t recall the finer details of the incident, they NEED to know.

yep no room, for 2nd guessing here let people know who can track and monitor this shit

wow, fuck that is intense erle…

what had you done to provoke this?

hopefully you arn’t too rattled by it.

definately needs to be reported to the police.

The story goes, I was riding along a narrow st, and some asshole swerves at me a little bit because i was taking up too much road(according to him), I flipped him off and he stopped to have a word. It was a pretty standard exchange, I mentioned that driving a Porsche didnt mean he owned the road, he told me I wished I had a car like that, keep dreaming etc… I Said the only thing I dream about is him crashing that thing.
He jumped out, spat at me, shoved me, and then after some bystander stepped in, the dude got back in his car and as he did, mentioned that he drives that street every day, and pulled his gun out and kind of motioned it at me.

That’s nasty man. Definately report it - people waving guns around is heavy shit.

Where abouts were you?

I don’t suppose you got the rego plate Erle?

I’m sure the police would be interested. They don’t seem to like people having handguns.

What street was it and what colour was the Porsche? (so I know what to avoid)

Corner of Henderson(i think, its runs parallel to barkley st) and Lygon in Brunswick. Black Porsche, it had black and white plates, I didnt get the rego though.

as he said, he drives that street every day!
Shouldnt be too hard to track down if he works/lives near there,
Let the cops know I say

I’ll be keeping an eye out, dont worry about that. I’ll get the reg and sort it out.

B&W plates as in the really old enamel ones?

In fact, this article where I snagged the pic from highlights the wankery that currently goes along with these plates and gives you a clue to the attitude of the driver.

If the guy was carrying a handgun and he’s not a cop/ASIO/etc, then he probably doesn’t have a legitimate reason to be carrying it on his person instead of in a locked case in the boot between the safe in his house and the range that he shoots at.

If I see the car on Lygon I’ll note the plates for you. (And keep watch for the agro.)

“nin 11”, black porsche 911, black enamel plates, oft parked outside the hardwick building on sydney road.
screams im an arrogant a**ehole with a gun.

Holy Shitballs

Let me tell you something, bendeco. You pull any your crazy shit with us, you flash a piece out on the lanes, I’ll take it away from you and stick it up your ass and pull the fucking trigger til it goes “click”.

Where is hardwick building?


Maybe, but you’d want to be sure before anyone tells the cops he carries a handgun and threatens people.

The Dude: Jesus.
Jesus Quintana: You said it, man. Nobody fucks with the Jesus.
Walter Sobchak: Eight-year-olds, Dude.

The dude abides.

This aggression will not stand.