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Free local rag… report on “Bike Blitz”.

Apparently, on Brunswick St cyclists are more likely to break the law than anywhere else in the Yarra.

Pick it up for an interesting read. It should be online soon.

There was something in the local paper about cops having a town-hall session with Carlton residents. There was the usual spread of complaints, housing commission areas need more patrols, the 40kph limit on Lygon St needs to be enforced, complaints about drunks knocking shit over in people’s front yards, or taking a piss etc … but they titled the article with complaints about cyclists, going on about ‘near misses’ etc for pedestrians and people getting on and off trams. The residents also raised the incident where two people died hooning (in a sports car) just N of the top end of the Lygon St restaurant strip in Carlton. Won’t someone stop those lunatic cyclists :frowning:

I’m almost at the point of putting a brake back on my bike just so i don’t have to watch my back for cops the whole time.

heaps of them on brunswick st yesterday.

When ever I zipp past a pedestrian at high speed I always wonder if they go home and think “That was close, I probably shouldn’t walk onto the road with out looking when the traffic is moving” or “bloody cyclists”
I guess now I know.

I hit a pedestrian a full speed on chapel st on the weekend.
He ran through traffic nearly getting hit by a taxi then looks my way and steps in front of me.

I hit him hard enough to knock him down and me off the bike.

Everyone around took my side as the angry pedestrian bleed and yelled.

I got back on my bike and rode home.

At least the public took my side and didn’t try and attack me or something.

Any damage to the bicycle?

Not that I can tell, hurt my leg though.
my right leg hit him first, it sucked because I was meant to ride at DISC.

I am a bit bruised but all good.

hit a pedestrian a full speed on chapel st on the weekend.

Outside revolver I bet. You get some good speed up when you fall down the stairs.


It’s illegal to leave the scene of a traffic accident isn’t it?

Man’s gotta go home sometime.

I should of got rewarded for taking him out!
The guy had no clue about life and was running through traffic on Chapel.

Plus I don’t think the cops would of taken my side once they saw the whole no brakes situation.

I have now read two threads about people pissing off from the scene of an accident in which they were not in the wrong because they were not running a brake.

If only there was a solution to this difficult problem!

If only there was a solution to this difficult problem!

don’t crash.

my solution starts with “run” ends with “brake” and has “a” in the middle but some people would rather be constantly avoiding the po-po than just riding from A to B

Seriously aquaman, isn’t that a bit irresponsible?

Let me get this straight- you decided to leave the scene of an accident because you were scared you might get into trouble for not having a brake? :expressionless:

This is EXACTLY why everyone should have a front brake, even if you don’t use it. Who knows, maybe if you had a front brake you might have not hit him?

Look I have no idea about the exact details of the accident, but it’s these sorts of incidents that are only going to make cars and pedestrians hate cyclists even more.

End rant. I hope you didn’t get to badly hurt aquaman.

I knew what you were getting at. I like my solution more. Each to there own. I should probably wear a helmet too. I’m pro choice.

Lucky I’m bored at work today cause I’m sure this is about to blow up. Should get a few pages out of the old helmet/brales debate.

Hit and run = cyclists bad karma… the rest of us will pay for it.

‘Pro choice’…wtf? 1 brake + 1 helmet = no fines (and probably much fewer, accidents or scrambled brains)

This has all been done before.

like running across a busy road and not looking?

It’s these sorts of incidents that make me want to have a lance when I ride down Chapel.

Begin the hating!

PS how the fuck did he not see the Pink wheel?