Tommasini Prestige Pista

picked this up from facebook, switched some bits around, tis cool.

definitely had a hard life, scratches and rust all over. the 2a stem has been abused, and i had to make a new clamp bolt for it as the locater tab on the front bolt had sheared off. HS is record pista and is in pretty alright condition. wheels are a set i had sitting here and are great apart from a minor ding in the rear rim. i pilfered the seatpost/seat out of my super pista, becuase old record ones are too short. the cranks are temporary until i find something better suited/some money to pay for new cranks. the pedals are just there so i could ride it around.

So good.

Sweet beater.

Awesome. What size is it, 58?

555*555 according to my tape measure, good for my teeny torso.

^ Yeah right, looks taller. I was thinking you wouldn’t fit a 58 :wink:

My old girl. Treat her right

Very Good. I have a Blue Nitrox Selle saddle and exact matching blue NOS Benotto bar tape if you’re interested… would make it “lit AF” as “the kids” would say.