Too good to be true? Story

I’ll keep this short as I can.

So a few months back I ordered a new Cinelli x Mash frameset from an online shop in NY….

Long story short after a lot of mucking around and frustration I was told by the guy in NY that I would not be receiving the frame after a month of waiting and I would get a full refund. Pay Pal contacted me to start arrangements so I was relieved. Still in need of a frame I jumped on Wiggle and ordered another one.

A few days later on the same day I received not just the one from wiggle but the original one from the NY shop also. Yep, checked the bank details and I had still been charged for both. I called the guy in NY and in no uncertain terms displayed my anger and frustration again. I spoke to Pay Pal again and explained what had happened and they told me that because it had been delivered there was nothing I could do about the refund.

So then I opened a new case and reported the item as damaged, (its not) they tried to contact the shop in NY but failed to get a response after the 10 days so by default I was issued with my full refund. Stoked.

So where this gets interesting is that after 2 months I still have the Cinelli x Mash frameset sitting packed up in my kitchen, I decided to legally and morally do the right thing and contacted Pay Pal for some advice because I knew as soon as I did anything with it Murphy’s law would suggest they would contact me for it. I was told yesterday that legally the case is closed and I have no obligation to send it back as the NY shop failed to respond. I was told “feel free to do whatever I like with it”

Too good to be true? I’m not sure….What do you guys think?

I already have one built up as I want so I can either sell it or I was thinking of another project but get the paint scheme re painted as a one off color and have some fun with it.

Anyways, makes for a good story with lady luck on my side.


Sounds like you made a genuine attempt to a) legitimately purchase a frame and b) return it when when you made other arrangements, so I think you should chalk this one up as a win! Or satisy Karma and give it to me. :smiley:

Too good to be true, but you killed the golden goose because now you can sell your awesome Cinelli x Mash frame here for more than a token amount without looking like a cvnt…

Very true…

At this stage i’m more leaning towards holding on to it for a bit… But i may end up trying to chase that token amount haha

As long as you keep all your PayPal emails as proof, so that you don’t come unstuck later down the track (although you probably won’t), I’d say you’ve got yourself a pretty awesome 2-for-1 deal!

take the money and run!

Sell it and donate to charity - just to cover your Karma Ass.

If you told PayPal that you lied about it being damaged (as a way of trying to return the frame for a refund), then I can’t see why there’s an issue. Just poor service on the shop’s part as far as I can tell.

I always find it funny that paypal is suddenly the ‘police’ in terms of these disputes.
goodluck with the karma.

yeah, you better hit it with a hammer just in case.
also shows how much a shop is paying for em and how much they’re selling em for…

Is it 56cm?

Yeah, its a 55cm (Large)

I’ll give you a few pesos for it

When reading that I wonder if somewhere down the line you’ll get hit by a car.

Yes, the shop was retarded, and yes, you shouldn’t be stung but you needn’t bullshit to get the right thing done. There’s no lady luck in that.

host an alleycat, it can be first prize. Get more sponsors on board.
Fun day for all.
And that Lane guy can have a new cinelli.
also, karma returns to neutral or, erm, less negative.

Yeah i get that, and agree to a certain extent. I only told them that because at the time i didn’t want to be stuck $1100 down. The NY shop that i had to deal with were useless and getting information out of them was near impossible so i did what i had to do.

At the end of the day i did contact Pay Pal on my own to see if i was required to return it…they say no, so I’ll take what I can get.

haha, till i read your last line all i could think was that i may as well just give it to Lane automatically.

Personally, I’d be trying to get the frame back to NY (at their expense). Seems unethical to keep it without paying, imo.

^i bet that guy is vegan^

well, you perhaps shouldn’t have lied about it, but you also shouldn’t have had to lie about it. the NY shop can get fucked. if the story is as you told it (and i’m not suggesting it isn’t), then they screwed you around in the first place, and then refused to make good.