Top Tube Protector

Admittedly I haven’t amassed a plethora of research, but can anyone recommend a decent top tube protector for a frame of sizeable diameter ie. Cinelli Vigorelli?

I’m in Melbourne if that makes any difference


edit: sincere apologies, i made a mistake

shifter bikes stock them.

Unless of course you’re after one of those overpriced rubber and brass things…

Go hit yourself in the face with your polo mallet brox.
This is the help section.

Ive once seen someone simply use a bandanna tied in a knot on the toptube…it looked really classy!

I’ll try and get some pics up (I know where the guy works)…


i guess it depends what its for. if its for preventing dents from drop bars, i use a thin bit of cardboard wrapped on (about an inch in length) with electrical or bar tape.

the skin grows back protectors are great (and local guys too!)

If it is just to stop your bars hitting the top tube you can use some bar tape not quite all the way around with a zip tie or electrical tape.

I used an old inner tube spliced open and then some zip ties.
I think it looks ok but it works a treat.

What are these things supposed to protect the top tube from, anyway? People trying to do barspins, forgetting they’ve got drop bars? :expressionless:

No… if the bike is brakeless, and the bars are un-taped (like most true track bikes are) except for track grips or bar tape to the same length, the bars spinning around can hit the top tube and dent it (“bar slap”) when lifting, moving or carrying the bike. My Samson has a ding in the top tube from this, and I’m assuming why Kashimax make a TT protector.

You can make one out of some a coke can cut up and electrical tape, or bar tape, or an inner tube and electrical tape.

As for the BMX-esque long top tube protectors (eg skin grows back), this is for locking up against poles etc. Less scratches and dings to your frame.

yep yep… go the skin grows back option… It’s Oz made and has served me well on two bikes.