tough mudder

Anyone doing it this weekend?

My friend Dave is. Sounds insane.

In. 9:15 start. Ankles all strapped up by the physio this arvo.

Come say hello if you see me. I’ll be the one in the foetal position crying for mummy.

This sounds like Paris-Roubaix but heaps easier.

i kinda hate this bullshit.

yeh, commenting on internet forums is total bullshit.


Thats ok… you can go for a nice little bike ride tomorrow.

This is something different… its going to be fucking fun, and Im going to get pissed as a newt afterwards. Whats not to like?

crawling through tunnels semi submerged in mud and 10000 volts.

Just looked this up, and I agree with Brenno. A few fat dudes I know did one of these type of things last year and thought they’d conquered the world.

I just went for a nice bike ride instead.

Having said that, they hope to raise $1000 for Legacy.

21,000 participants.
Legacy plastered all over the website
One thousand pissing dollars. Hardly pays for Christmas cards for all the old biddies who lost their husbands.

Do not like.

That cant be right, can it? If you stick a butter knife in a 240 volt socket at home, its all over… surely they’re not ramping up 10,000???

There is an obstacle where you have to crawl through a narrow pipe, which should weed out a few…

Few loops of wildwood is tougher than this shit.

And the ice cream at the end is electric.

The men will negotiate 28 military style obstacles including underwater tunnels, rickety log bridges and a field of live wires emitting shocks of up to 10,000-volts.

taken from here so it must be true…

Volts don’t kill people…Amps Do

they’re just trying to take the “most likely to kill participants” award from surf lifesaving australia.

too soon?

i’m gonna do this next year. for realz

You just went there.

I’ll only endorse this if you get a sweet tribal to go with it.

endorse emschmorse