tough mudder

mudder schmudder

Apparently if you get to the end you can get a tough mudder tattoo… and if you get a tatt, you get FREE ENTRY to the next one.

…and look like a tit for the rest of your life.


maybe it was too soon for him to be going into the water after eating, but defs not too soon on that joke.


Should be fun. Hard but fun. I think a lot of people who have entered don’t really know what a 20 k run (or 5k for some) feels like. That will be fun to watch. Will be steering clear of pubs and clubs tomorrow night. The bogan/alpha male quota will be off the charts. No need for a graph on that.
Good luck balki. We start in the last wave. I have a shaved head and ginger beard and may be seen crying or in matching fetal position. also say hi.

A girl i know is doing this. She started training a week ago. And by training, I mean she did one 4km run.

I really wish I could come watch her do it.

i reckon anyone doing this will be asleep by 8pm and won’t get even close to the pub. plus it’s at phillip island, melbourne should be safe…

more invented danger for upper-middle class white folks desperate to feel like they’ve achieved something by doing a fucking obstacle course on the weekend.

the guys who invented this concept - and the accompanying schtick - must be bona fide geniuses.

Good luck to you too… you’ll probably catch us!

I’ll give you 4-1 that I’m on the dancefloor at 2am. EPO etc.

ridden beach rd recently?

um, nah, there are no alley cats this weekend.

brendan, this was probably created by a personal trainer, who looks something like this:

with a bit of

and a fuckload of this:

All of the above, and having a brain, are mutually exclusive.

Meant the pubs in cowes. Don’t you watch the news? Melbourne is awash with gangs at night, its never safe.

Hmmm… all this reasoned debate and informed opinion is making me rethink my position. Might just ride up hotham in the nude on my BMX instead.

i think you’ll find most people in that other think that’s a bit retarded also…

I’d like a bicycle commuting version of tough mudder: Obstacles to include: Having to ride through a tram depot without getting stuck, negotiating the yarra trail after three days of solid rain, riding through St Kilda Junction in peak hour, Riding down Russell st or King st at 3:00am Saturday morning and finally, riding really fast for 10 mins to make a 7:00pm dinner reservation and then managing not to break out into a sweat while halfway through your oysters. – That’d be hardcore.

Dont forget avoiding the police enforcing the tramways on Swanston st.

see, this is where i disagree. one of those dudes must’ve realized that there were thousands of folks out there who really, really wanted to do basic training with their armed forces, but didn’t want to give up their regular life. so they invented this bullshit danger-without-a-cause for bogans with no commitment.

hey, that explains why it’s so successful!

if you wanted danger, why don’t you head down florida way wearing a hoodie. go campaign for gay rights in malaysia. go to spain and help kick off a general strike. but don’t pretend you’re a fucking tough guy because you splashed through some mud while the st john of god volunteers watched on. it might be fun, sure. but i have about as much admiration for these tough mudder guys as i do for folks who refer to their bike rides as “epic”.

but i was wearing rapha…

blogged for truth. well, insofar as an opinion can be truth. FJ?