Tour of California

Waking up this morning, putting on the tv and being greeted with the Tour of Cali was a pleasant suprise.
Westra has just won the stage, after a late break, leaving Sagan to finish third.

Me too … last 6km’s with brekkie … nice surprise !!!

Bid wide streets, big cars/trucks, no crowds … must be America !!

What I think we’ll see

  • tj van garderen win overall
  • Peter Sagan win stages
  • jens in some breaks

What Id like to see

  • What is said by BMC management if he does win and Cadel continues to do well in the giro
  • Chavanel win a stage
  • that guy who ran completely naked last year shown on telly above the waist this time

Rogers needed to set his FTP targets a bit higher up the last climb this morning.

sweet, i’m gonna watch this!

coverage says til 9.05am, does it finish much before then? i gotta leave the house about 8.45 to make it to work by 9…

be frustrating to have to leave just before the end each morning!

Finished about 8:46 this morning.

9:10 is the new 9am anyway.

I think they just have 9.05 as the broadcast cut-off; it finished around 8.30ish this morning.

BRUTAL conditions!

I am struggling to enjoy the pro cycling at the moment.

SBS streams it live too. I’ve been watching it on TV while eating breakfast, riding to work pretending I’m actually in the ToC and then catching the final 10kms on cycling central at work. Win Win.

i’m on thin ice at my office job at the moment, rather not be late!

8.30am would be perrrrrrrfect. sweet, will test run this shit tomorrow.


Fucking hell HMC, take a relax.

I am quite relaxed, don’t get offended just because I called into question via text message your frankly worrying OCD regarding the general lay out/happenings of the fixie forum.

ha! it was only your shit spelling that was causing me concern james.

do you want to do this here and now

hahahaha. come by EW, i’ll make you a coffee and we can hug it out.

and finish our gmail chat…

very busy.

Have seen lots of photos on Instragram, looks bloody hot and tough. Looking forward to watching some of the racing on youtube when highlights are uploaded!

Rode the boulie in the icy cold this morn, pulled the pin, came home and sat on the rollers inside for the last 30k’s and watched the poor suckers collapse over the line after that hill climb to the finish in 50degree heat. feltgoodman.

Sagan pips Michael Matthews on the line this morn. He is FAST

yeah, that was hectic. he was nowhere, cannondale train seemed scattered, and then BAM, he pops up on the right of all of them and takes it.

yeah, worth being late for… :wink:

Caught the last 5km this morning! Good finish! I predicted Sagan when I saw the cannondale lead out train at about 4km, that broke up but Sagan still managed to stay up the front.