track pursuit on 24 inch wheels

a custom pursuit frame on 24 inch wheelset…
-kashimax five gold saddle on kashimax super mighty seatpost
-shimano headset
-nitto tsubasa 1 handlebar
-fsa carbon crankset
-look pedals
-24 inch araya rims with rear covered with fiberglass disc

just sharing.

want those bars for my lo pro. #wouldride

fapppppp fap fap fap i love this shit

Very sweet.

Man sized gearing too!


Out of curiosity, the reason for this kind of thing… were different sized wheels banned by UCI before drops were enforced?
650 front and rear time trial bikes were popular because TT bars got down lower than drops akin to pursuit bars but both wheels still needed to be the same size.

Yep, I’m hard.

thought this was yours when i read the title

do like the bars.

Thats pretty rad! BB is scary low though if thats 24"?

when you spend all your time on the black line doing individual puruits/tts, bb height/clearance is less important

True enough, although still amazed its running BB drop on 24s.

maybe 160mm cranks? and 100+"?

Barring up on those bars

Dat gear ratio,

very nice

thanks for all your great comments…

inspiration for the bike came from the 1984 u.s. olympic team pursuit bikes…
the four man team on 24’s had a shorter overall length compared with
their opponents 700c’s and was considered an advantage.

ohhhhhh beautiful. those bars are just :o
how is riding in the Philippines? have any difficult sourcing parts for this?