Track Wheels - Custom build or off the shelf?

Am looking at selling my Zipp 808/900 track combo for some more traditional style wheels…

Whilst some Zipp 404 track wheels are pretty high on my list at the moment, I can’t seem to find a set and am not willing to take the depreciation hit on a new set…

What else is out there at the upper end of things that isn’t a disc/super deep carbon thing/mavic iO or Comete.

Must be tubs, must look good

  • alternatively -

Custom build is an option. Preference is american parts to keep with the “all american brand” spec on my Clamont.

TBH if you have an indoor track there is no reason to ditch the 808/900. Especially if you do a lot of scratch races or long sustained efforts. That’s a wheelset that would last you forever and be useful in almost any application.

The only thing I would suggest is a set of campag pistas to complement rather than replace your current wheels.

Let’s be honest, i’m racing C grade on a steel frame. If i do a lot of riding over Summer, i might see myself in B grade next winter season!

But yes, current wheels are awesome and I’m sure ill suffer seller’s regret.



biiiigtime. That combo is too boss to let go!


This 47mm Tubbie - 28H Front
& This 47mm Tubbie - 32H Rear

laced to DA High Flange front and rear from here

Lace em up with some CX Rays from wheel builder

Rims: $540 each - $1080
Hubs: $310 for the pair
Spokes: $4ish AU each $240
Nipples: $20

Total $1650

THEN! We work out a swap deal with cash whichever way for my new Corima disc and I’ll take your Zipp disc so we both have the matchy matchy wheel set, you flip the 808 for $500 or whatever and end up with brand new baller wheel set at the desired depth and a matching disc for 1K plus whatever to have em built.

BAM, I’ll be here all week, try the veal.

I’ve got the same thing only to older 404’s with the toroidal profile, they rip :slight_smile:

too good ha ha ! scoping out the corima site now lol

Out of the all-American theme then!

Hi There!

Difficult to tell what it actually is you’re in the market for. If you wanna go ‘traditional’, maybe hunt around for some nice NOS tubular rims. They seem to come up pretty regularly. Wolber/Mavic/Fiamme etc. Pair those with some DA/Superbe Pro and bam, you’ve got yourself a bangin set of super light racing tubs with some old school flavor. Obvs not American theme though.

Paul hubs, Tb14 rims, nice spokes.

Elle used to have this exact wheel set. They were awesome. He want tubs but…pretty sure HplusSon only do clinchers.

American Classic do a nice carbon tub at the desired depth but don’t seem to offer hoops by themselves :frowning:

Belgiums + Phil hubs.

Is that Eryka Badu?

Ambrosio hard anno rims/Phil hubs or if you want proper th rack hubs go dura ace

orrrrr I’ll swap you cash plus my campy pistas for your zipps. But something laced to black high flange phil woods sounds nice!

Seriously though, that’s not a bad idea. At least it’s in keeping with the American theme. Personally I’d prefer Japanese track hubs any day but whatevs, cannae really go wrong with Phils I guess.