does anybody have a fairly good condish front aero spoke they wanna get rid of ill trade you a brand new anodized blue front velocity deepv wheel?



In another post he’s bragging about only paying $90 for the V.
$90 aerospoke? Shit for that much I’ll even have one!

hahah i wasnt bragging about anything i was just telling the guy who was asking questions about a wheelset how much i paid for mine

well, aerospokes change hands for $300-400?, so you’re gonna need to sweeten the deal

why are aerospokes so much of a write off im just a 15 yr old kid wanting one for my bike who cares? hahahaaaaaa

Because they’re heavy pieces of plastic that would be useless for street riding or any competition riding.

Can’t we all just get along?!!

But srsly. Alex…

without sounding rude, that’s a shit deal. Trade me your fullwheelset and I’ll hook you up with a single areospoke…

Nate… you may find you’re aerospoke gone missing in the next week or two… uh it wasn’t me.

aerospoke aerospoke aerospoke :mrgreen:

hah, ive got a front white one you can buy, or trade a track frame for

you shouldn’t be up this late time to bed and dream about mash young fella.

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