trailer for sf/la fixed

FIXATION Official Trailer on Vimeo

jesus those first couple of comment s are lame

“Fixation captures, for the first time, the excitement and popularity of this growing sport from all perspectives. With the resurgence of single speed bikes we discover the appeal to having only one gear.”


This trailer previously brought up a discussion about ‘tracknats’…Dylan, get on it!

It’s really the purest, truest form of cycling.


“During the weekdays I’m a bicycle messenger… [during the weekends I rudder dutch]”

Also, since when is Shaun White riding fixed?

I don’t remember anything.

I have watched Mash sf and Macaframa. I watched the FYXATION trailer a long time ago when it came out and was like ‘hhhmmm… that’s really cool’. After watching Mash sf, this looked sooooo bad. If your going to watch a fixed gear movie on bikes, watch mash. personally i don’t like macaframa.

man, you and me gonna get along just fine. I was talking with Ian Human the other day about how much Mash rules. I’m not ashamed.

YES!! I still enjoy watching mash

Hell Yeah! MASH is well wicked!!

This is the only fixed gear video I’ve really enjoyed.

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Yeah bro I’ve got like half my blog dedicated to that shit.

Hi, my names JLN and I too enjoy watching MASH. I think the soundtrack rules, and Mike Martin is a super nice guy.

PS: I thought this was going to be about the MASH / TCB dudes that rode SF to LV, fixed on fucking aluminium “pursuit” frames.

I just watched half of that trailer… I don’t know what to say. Are these people f%$#ing serious? I’m now going to sacrifice my fixie to the gods in hope that it negates the wrath that this film is sure to bring.

MAsh is still the only vid that has come out that is any where near worth watching. Fuck i’ll go as far as saying i love the MASH’n. This shite and everything since has done everything from boring me to, in this case, making me feel sick and wanting to hurt the people responsible.

Can someone go and poison Azz.

wow. it seems like everyone is really offended that i posted this video… sorry!
either way, i thought it was kinda cool… definately not as cool as mashsf
im so not posting anything until i get a second opinion!

I’ve never seen Mash, or macaframa or any of these fixed movies ha. Except for ‘to live and ride in La’ that was pretty cool!