Travel insurance

Heading to Canada on the 25th of April and need travel insurance because I know I’m going to hurt myself mtbing in whistler and also because it’s a requirement for a working holiday visa. The company my travel agent recommend me (cover more) had some pretty expensive prices (1500ish for a year I think), I was wondering if anyone could suggest alternatives (which aren’t a hassle to claim on).



Worked out well for friends who had fairly serious injury in the US.

Goes without saying read the fine print. MTBing will be excluded from most of the basic policies.

get it through your health insurance provider (if possible) usually heaps heaps cheaper. although north american policies are always about twice the price of european ones.

See if there’s any othr way of getting it. Travel insurance was chucked in for free if we bought the tickets on our credit card. Covered us for snowboarding in Canada.

This…most platinum cards should cover you for travel insurance if you use them to buy the tickets.

I don’t own a credit card, just a bank one wah.

never had it.

as such, there’s still a hefty hospital bill waiting for me, should i ever return to quebec.

I’ve found TID (Travel Insurance Direct) to be very good. I don’t know what they’re like for injuries requiring hospitalisation, or whether they cover MTBing, but they’ve paid out to me twice without any hassle for camera equipment losses.

Also, this:

i had covermore when i was in america/canada, they were actually the cheapest we could get that would actually insure our bikes properly, and they were really helpful when i broke my collarbone. i don’t think they would cover racing though so just stick to casual stuff