Trip to Chandler Velodrome - Tues 5th July

I am planning to head to Chandler next Tuesday evening to see what its all about / chat to a few people. This is with a view to perhaps giving it a go a week or two afterwards.

As I will be driving I thought I’d throw the invitation open, I can fit another 4 people in the car (3 if you don’t like getting friendly in the back).

Plan is to leave as near to 5:30pm as possible because fighting through the city might take a while. I will be leaving from my place in St Lucia so if you want to come along you will need to get to my place first. There is plenty of room in the garage to stash bikes if you cycle over.

Pinball Wizard / Antmandan tell me training kicks off around 6:30pm with first “race” around 7:30pm.

Drop me a line if you want to come.

I will meet you out there… next tues was my plan as well…

Better bring my A game next week then if there is a cheer squad coming :slight_smile:

Training doesn’t happen if it is raining, Billy usually makes the call in the late afternoon. I’ll post up here if it has been cancelled due to rain. If it is clear then assume that it is going ahead as normal.

I’ll stay anonymous.


I might ride out there :slight_smile: depends how adventurous i am feeling.

Just make sure you light yourself up Gyp. Shit gets dark once you go past Carina.

I’ll be there! Looking forward to the riding!

It is a bit of fun- just do it- you make it sound like a pilgrimage !
86" gear will be fine to start and as others will atest it is important to learn and not think you know it all already because you can win an alleycat.

Never underestimate the fat old bastards wearing lycra :stuck_out_tongue:

I might make the trip down from the coast aswel.
Only if that de rosa is there.

Woohoo more bunch fodder to join me in C grade

It’ll be following a fat old bastard on an Avanti

… before beating the Avanti across the line.

I’m not proud, happy to try and be the young De Rosa’s lead out man if he keeps letting me sample his ales :slight_smile:

I might actually get back out this week! gotten over my flu again :frowning:

Dan ill msg you, but can I scab a lift?

Of course mate.

Right, I assume no-one wants a lift from me? I’ll pinch the other halves camera and take some happy snaps whilst having a snoop around. I know what David and Dan look like and will just have to bump into everyone else.

call me on 0434 729 855 if you want a lift from Yeronga - I might drag out the track bike for the first time since last decade.

Make sure you sort out a CQ license before the night, Billy can no longer issue them on the spot.

Gunna miss tonite

Stupid day job…

Yeah me to just got home.

Good hit around tonight with Zeebok, Pat! and Plorry 2 all bringing a bit of panache to the track. Will hopefully see you back in the coming weeks as well Chris.