TRP HY/RD brakes


I am looking at upgrading my BB7’s with TRP HY/RD’s.

Has anyone had experience with these brakes? Is there a better offering out there without changing my cable activated group set?



They’re on my upgrade list too - from what I’ve read they’re great bang for buck - $300 instead of $800 for both wheels.

Are these the ones on my2015 Trek touring bikes? If so they look pretty sweet

I’ve tried them up and down Prentice St for a minute or two. I liked them. Felt good.


they’re good, heavier and more money than Spyres/CX77s which are both a better option than BBxR.

Spyres are a wide caliper, so gotta watch out for high flange hub spoke interference with the body (eg dynamos), you’ll have to shim the rotor outboard and hope it doesn’t foul the fork blade.

Use swisstop pads for more betterer performance on both TRPs.

I have them on my Focus Mares, really like them. But I have nothing really to compare them to apart from a few test rides on a handful of other disc cx bikes

Levers are Apex and will be Force when I trickle down by group set of my road bike. Weight is not an issue, nor is a dynamo.

I like the Idea of the spyres, the single pivot/piston is what is annoying me about the BB7’s.


Spyres are good, excellent upgrade to most disc cx bikes that aren’t hydro.

Thanks all for your replies. TRP HY/RD’s ordered as well as the Swiss Stop pads. I will let you know how they go.

I have the TRP HY/RD brakes paired with 105 brifters. They work well with my RSI affected hands. Good control and modulation with little effort.

Where do you see them for $300 for both wheels? Need to jump on this.

Waaait that’s usd isn’t it! Disregard :frowning:

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