True Confessions.

Alright, there was a thread like this on mess and noise once, and it ruled. True Confessions right here. Usual rules apply - keep it free of sexism, racism, homophobia, libel, nasty bullshit.

If you would like to remain anonymous, PM your confession to me and i’ll run it through google translator a couple of times (so no one can pick your writing or spelling), then post it up under my name. You know, in quotation marks, so folks know it’s not me. If you’re worried about me knowing, well, that’s probably fair, but you know, kids tell me fucked up shit all the time, and I don’t tell anyone. You could also email me at xthenewtimerx at gmail dot com with some wacky email address you make up (biggie_n_tupac_4_eva?). No ulterior motives, and your confessions will not appear anywhere but FOA.

edit: also, no judging each other. if we’re posting it in here, chances are we already know it was a shitty thing to do.

So I’ll start.

Although I helped organize the first two series, and have commentated a number of the races, written a bunch of articles, been interviewed a heap of times, I have never once participated in a cyclocross race.

I don’t currently own a fixed gear bike, havn’t for about 4 months and don’t intend buying another in the near future due to needing spare monies for geared projects.

I get the feeling I may not be alone with this dirty little secret though.

Edit… Oh yeah , thanks for allowing me to get that off my chest Brendan. I feel cleaner now.

I don’t actually like grindcore that much.

haha, nah, that’s a pretty common one, i reckon.

I failed year 12 art class.

I do not hold true to my namesake, I quite like, and only really ride, bikes with brakes…

I can’t remember the last time I rode fixed.

I miss CraigC. And Shortsie.

I’m vegan but I ate some leftover pork at the German club a couple of years ago. In my defense, it was destined for the bin, i was drunk, nobody else was going to touch it, plus the only things I had eaten that afternoon were a bowl of chips and some steamed vegetables.

What about immoral, unethical or not exactly legal?

Im almost edge and at christmas i sometimes have a pot of light beer.

I own 2 track bikes but no fixies and i cant ride them on the road cos they vave veloflex on them.

Today my bike was shifting and braking shit, I had the levers un done (campy)

Al of my bikes are way too good for me.

I don’t actually wear moccasins.

Sometimes, all I want to do is drink girly cocktails.

I change my mind about what I want to do with my life every 10 minutes. I am the most indecisive and unmotivated person that I know, and I hate that about myself.


Dubrat’s confession…

I love bikes… building, investigating, searching for parts and information more than I love riding…

is that strange…?

No, check your email :wink:

i think dubrat’s my soulmate, but don’t tell anyone.

Munga about catching up on Monday… maybe we shouldn’t…

oh, hi dubbie. (;・_・)

You and Jase could be best friends!