True Confessions.

Although I am a bike mechanic, I could give zero fucks about bikes, bike parts, or vintage bicycles.

when my sister was 1-and-a-bit, she crawled out through the screen door and off the back landing. i left that screen door unlocked that day. she didn’t die or anything, so it’s all good!

been rebuilding bikes for the better part of 3 years and only started riding seriously maybe 3 months ago, and its not even a sw8fixay

nah man, that shit is what this thread is for. but i’d recommend you PM me to hide your identity.

i used to wee in my step dad’s tomato sauce

i prefer danzig’s solo stuff over the misfits

i’m also going to start telling people i was an extra on the walking dead

True confessions about bike-related stuff? Chilling. You guys are either boring or not getting into the thread properly.

I once burgled a liquor store, and shortly after was apprehended by some security guards who handed me over to the police. Thing is, the security guards stole the alcohol that I stole from the liquor store, so when the police arrived there was no evidence that it was me that burgled the liquor store, so they just took my details and then drove me home.

I chalked that one up as a win.

i used to go to my neighbours’ houses to collect money for “charity”, then spend the money on lollies.

this was last week, right?

Nailed all three with one confession.

yeh and by lollies, i mean beer.

i don’t like bad brains

I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.

I used to work in a liquor store. I didn’t have to pay for booze for three years. And for some reason my 21st had a lot of free booze, and 3 of my friends 21sts, and a cocktail party I hosted.

I’m a hipster.

On a bucks weekend we had a friend of a friend crash the party. He was annoying us and kept wanting to share around his home made spirits from one of those big glass bottles with a handle on them. I decided to piss in the bottle with the aim to get some laughs when he drank from it for the rest of the night. I forgot to tell everyone what I had done and by the time the booze ran out, all my mates were hitting the bottle.

I found out he died a year ago in a car accident. Now I feel like a prick. Well… even more of a prick.

I shagged a girl overseas… it turns out she was a priests/ministers daughter - from my home town - who was the priest/minister that ran the service when my mum got married.

Thats all for now.

ezy mother fucken lee, destroying this thread.

I should also mention that ‘we made love’ in a french vinyard.

while a cat was watching.

What… cats are everywhere in Europe.

Oh, and after we found out that strange connection, was it wrong to go back for more?