Trying to find a good Japanese place to eat melbourne cbd

I thought I ask the brains trust of melbourne I have some out of town friends Coming over tonight and they want to eat japanese.


Excellent food and great atmosphere. But it gets busy so you should book, and check to see if they’re even open today.

not cbd, but there’s a couple of decent spots on smith st.

wood spoon is my favourite. its not all that authentic, but very tasty.

not sure if this is too far from the CBD for you but if they are open they have nice food

179 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne
Telephone (03) 9690 7588


also mamataro on bridge road, down in richmond.

too both of these!

I’ve been digging Matsu Hashi in Fitzroy North lately. Matsu Hashi Japanese Restaurant | Home

Cocoro on Smith is pretty awesome for a mediative meal

I might try some of these as well im in south melbourne for the next 5 days.

^ Does it need to be NJS certified?

disco beans on high st!

Im actualy more of an italian and mexican food guy but love sushi and tepanyaki or how ever it is spelt.

Sorta of off topic, but we don’t have much in the way of Japanese in Canberra… a few tepanyaki places that are expensive and just throw egg at you. But I am on the hunt for some Okonomiyaki with mayo! NOM NOM NOM!!

Kenzan or izakaya den. I’d be embarrassed to go anywhere else.

two words: DON DON = three words: fast, cheap, delicious.

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if in richmond, hit up Madaeya on bridge road. Large range of Sake and the choice of upstairs BBQ, or downstairs Izakaya.

well, seeing as almost noone else has recommended anything in the CBD, try Izakaya Chuji. simple, inexpensive, tasty.
or what chaz said.
or if you want superfast and cheap hit up yoyogi (swanston) or teppansan (russell st.) (teppansan is great after a few drinks)

Yu-u, Kenzan or Izakaya Den. Anything else is just a waste of time.

O-bento in melbourne central. Its cheap fast and fills you up. Dont get put off by the fact that its in melbourne central. AND get te teriaki chicken don. Best. Ever.