Tubular Clinchers?

Just wondering if anyone has tried the Tufo (not sure if there are any other manufactures out there) tubular clinchers?
They look like they have a great amount of advantages, i.e. no glue, go on a clincher rim, look very easy to mount, higher pressure, no possibility of pinch flats, and fairly affordable at around $50(wiggle) a tyre. The only disadvantage I could imagine with be carrying a spare? and the fact they may not be repairable.

Nice idea, tufo don’t have a good rep for ride quality though…

do the research, common held view is they ride like sh!t. I don’t have time or money to waste testing that theory.

aeeing as this was posted in the road forum i figure you will be using them on the road.

higher pressure is not an advantage. you go slower. fakt.

i don’t imagine they would be easier to mount than a regular tyre and tube combo.

pinch flatting isn’t a problem on a road bike, well it shouldn’t be anyway.

I can’t really see how these would be of any realistic advantage. As mentioned, you won’t get pinch flats, but aside from that…

Trading off puncture repair for ease of mounting (if it actually is easier).

true, but in the CX world they are known for being the toughest/longest-lasting of tubs. trade-offs…

im not sure its solving a problem that exists in the road world.

In the road world they are tough and very light.
They are a great show bike tire as the jets are around 160g
They don’t have good grip and feed back though and need to be over inflated to get good rolling resistance
The veloflex extreeme tires are the ones to run…
Fast, grippy, comfortable and great in the wet.!!
210-216g each makes em pretty ace

I have also been told the advantage is in their light weight. however I also have not ridden them myself

I ride the proper tubular versions for outdoor track (S33Pro) and for cross (Flexus Primus). I haven’t tried the road version nor have I tried a clincher-tubular.
I like Tufos as they are indestructable and light
On the track they aren’t supple like a silk dugust but I can’t afford to roll around on $200+ tyres for club races, there’s glas on the outdoor track! All the track models I have used they still use rubber for the tread and they grip excellently on the 43Deg banking. The tread will perish before i wear the tyre out.

For cross there’s someone here who actually knows what he is talking about re cross tyres and he has a whole quiver of tubs glued up and he has raced on the Tufo’s over Challenge Griffos. I have only ridden the flexus and the vittorias and preferred the flexus.

The benefit of Tufos is they are very easily repairable as they don’t have an inner tube, the casing is sealed with latex. So if you get a puncture up to a few mm across, and the casing hasn’t torn, you can tip in some tufo sealant (they make an extreme one which I have repaired huge holes with) and you’re back in the game.

I don’t see the point of a clincher tubular whatsoever, if you want tubulars, ride tubulars? If you don’t want an inner tube, ride tubless?

My friend was struggling this morning with the tofu jet he runs on the front of his moots
He’s only 64kgs and it was chattering pretty bad down the rose bay s’s while trying to keep up with the mighty parlee…
It’s a good climbing tire but a shit descending tire…
Long life tires are not a big concern to me as I commute fixed
My roadie Is for fun riding only…

mmm, tofu jet.

Poor little Frag needs to eat a sandwich or two before he gets on the bike, would help him get down the hills faster. Sounds like he might be running too much pressure in his tyres too.

Yea he needs to run 90psi but won’t listen…
Chins the same… 120psi allround
Im 20kgs heaver than the pair and run 95f 105r…