tuesday, 23rd of march (german club)

who is up for a german club eating experience?

say around 630?

Are we starting a german eating “club” Armin Meiwes’ style, or just eating some German food? I am totally up for the latter though.

I will be there. I’m a member so I can sign you all in as guests and get discounts 8-). Not much in the way of vego fare but they have chips and plenty of good beers on tap so I’m set :-D.

im in

I’ll be there!

i lol’d, geez bex, wouldnt wanna go too far outta your way :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah i’m also a member, great beers. i’m in.

I’ll join for some German beers and kartoffelsalad mit matzeballe.
Sign me in with the nickname Gyp recently made up for me…hope they’ll let me in :-o

18+ Johnson?

Tricky one. Yes and No. It is a licensed premises so I think they have every right to boot you. I was there last night and saw plenty of kids though. Unless you tried to get a beer I don’t think they’d question it. Otherwise as I am often quoted as the oldest soul in Brisbane I guess I could be your “guardian” for the night? I’m also a member so doubt they’d question it. Everyone has to sign in so just put down your name (or the one on your fake ID) and walk through the doors as if you go there every week.

Don’t have a Fake ID but if you’re over 25 you can sign as my guardian I’m pretty sure.
Any vego menu? Haha.
Keen to meet some dudes.

Cool. They have added one vegan option to their menu (at the insistence of a particular member 8-)).

god damn it, cant use the quote shit.

hows it done?

[/quote] blah blah blah [/quote]


yeah but in the first box there’s no /.
Cool antman, possibly coming!

so whose in for tomorrow night?

kim, bex asked if you could tell marcus know.

Sorry man, can’t make it… :cry:

long as antman dont bail we will get in fine :), cant wait!

Coincidentally I got my new membership card in the mail today.

I’ll be there! :smiley:


Pork knuckles all round! Going to take me back to Oktoberfest last year :smiley:

Don’t think I can make it anymore due to being totally broke. :frowning: