Twin Top Tube Fixies (Viva Duro and Trek Earl)

What do you guys think of dual top-tube bikes? Love ‘em, hate em’, or meh?

What do you guys think of the Viva Duro and Trek Earl?

google trek erle and get star trek porn. no jokes.

I’m feeling pretty “meh” towards them. Do they serve any purpose?

Yeah, I’m a fan of twin top tubes. Like the look. Giant do a steel commuter this year with twin top tubes. Easy place to store your D-lock.

That style of top tube can only end in tears… painful tears!

wow, so true… whatever you do, don’t google ‘buck angel’ and have ‘adult moderation’ turned off…(scarred for life), hahaha.

(from the pic I just posed) to hold a u-lock! any other purpose anyone can see, besides endangering the family jewels?

Yeah Gordy, seems like only you & me though…I was trying to gauge the response, and if it were good, we’d look into making one, but so far, this looks like no one gives a doo-doo. Besides the d-lock aspect, I was thinking like it’d support small-medium pizza boxes, but then you’d probably use your bars…

These look expensive.
And, seriously never try to ‘suicide skid’ with this type of top tube.

I reckon they look mad. And would ride one given the opportunity.

is this from experience or foresight, being the previous owner of a Redline RL20II I can vouch for this…

If anyone lives near Stanmore in Sydney, Bob has one in his window at Stanmore cycles. It’s beautiful. Wanted to buy it as soon as I saw, but then remembered I still need to buy xmas prezzys, and if the gf saw me with another bike, and nothing for her…there’d be no holiday riding for me!

Twin top tube… meh
Twin seat tube with space for a rear tire to fit through for a tighter wheel base… I always thought that was pretty sexy.
Saxon Twin-tube

cool mate! just when I thought I’ve seen everything!

Just another gimmick that is no longer featured in bmx for a reason, even though subrosa tried to bring it back a year or two ago, and they failed.

Dang it all. I had an epic post with Alex4.0 levels of hotlinking & footnotes and then browser crashed. (Guess that’s a warning!)

So here’s my thoughts:
Lock holder: Meh. Use a front rack / lock mount bracket / pants holster.
Twin small diameter laterals are heavier and flexier than one larger diameter tube.

Now, dual TT frames (69/72cm Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen) serve a purpose, and “Truss” frames look cool in an antique way. Mike Flanigan at A.N.T. does a sweet one. I like a lot of what Mike’s doing.

Finally, I think Cell Bikes are becoming the Bikesdirect of Australia. I mean this in a very positive way, BD solicit feedback from the people that are going to buy their bikes, and then retail frames / completes that are good quality at excellent prices. Keep it up!

Seems like an elaborate lock storage solution…I bet nobody would put a lock there for fear of scratching the paint!

+1 on the dual seat tube.