Two Serious Bikes - Greg Curnoe "Mariposa T.T."

I highly recommend you pop over to TSB and see what Adam has been up to whilst completing his PhD in Literature. Put aside some time to read the posts properly.

Two Serious Bikes

Cliff Notes:
Two Serious Bikes: “CLOSE THE ART/LIFE SPLIT ETC.” A Statement of Artist Intent for Greg Curnoe Bike
Two Serious Bikes: Greg Curnoe Bike vs. the Real World: The First Five Days

The print in front of real bikes, spot the actual Mariposa TT:

The print:

The homage:

Saw this a few days ago and am still in awe at the depth, level of detail and flair Adam Hammond is showing with each successive build he is doing. Really a treat to behold.

So this is interesting… Took a look at this a few days ago and thought “Wow that looks familiar…”… Took me three days to realise that this was hanging on my wall just behind me…

Found it out the front of my neighbours house a few months ago… Pretty shitty condition… Bottom reads “Greg Curnoe. Marci Lipman Graphics. Toronto Canada”.

Who woulda thunk…

non-drive side??? clearly not serious.

Maybe not trying too hard, irreverent, ready to fuck with convention?

Yeah, and pedals at 3 and 9, what is this blasphemy?

Blakey’s Birthday is coming up in the next year or so :wink:


Maybe this is why he painted it from the non-drive side, where the normal way of photographing a bicycle is from the side with the cranks, the gears, the derailleurs. Look at a bicycle from the other side, even though it is the same thing, and maybe you’ll see it in a different way—as ART.