Tyre Sealant, who uses it, on what, which brand?

So who uses a tyre sealant, be it Stans/caffelatex/slime?

I’m looking for something mostly to use on the girlfriends bike as she isn’t so good with replacing tubes.

Would be used in regular clincher tyres, just to give her the ability to get home from work if she punctures

You talking MTB or road? I’d be interested to hear about this too

Road, as far as I can tell you can use Caffelatex on regular inner tubes, but where can I get the damn stuff in Aust?

Yeah I’d also be interesting in hearing this, hate those one-off rides where you don’t bring the tools, and end up getting the first flat in ages.

sounds like you didn’t pray to the gods beforehand.


Sounds like a good idea for the gf’s bike too! I hate changing tubes on my bike let alone someone else’s. And I don’t want to end up resenting her because she can’t change a tube lol

+1, or we could start buying these! :slight_smile:

I run Stan’s sealant in my MTB tyres and it seems to work well - set up: ZTR rims and Stans Rim tape (w/o rim strips). User ‘Slinky’, my go-to man for all tubeless queries, has recommended me Ozriders’ SPEX sealant on a number of occasions.

With regard to cafelatex, I like the sound of it ‘frothing up’ when rolling but do not know anyone running tyres with it. To be honest I haven’t noticed any irregularity with wheel mass using regular latex milk, so maybe its is marketing stuff that doesn’t really matter in the real world. I have read mixed reviews of the cafelatex system (most criticism seems to be about their rim tape tho’).

Issues with using certain sealants seem to be supposed rim corrosion, but I have no experience with this. Sealants do dry up and needs to be replaced regularly.

I want to use it in regular inner tubes, not in a tubeless set up

should work fine then.

is this helpful? Go Tubeless

So it’s a bit like Vittoria Pitstop, cept you squirt it in a tube not a tubular?

I run Stans no tubes in my tubeless MTB wheel set and it is awsome. I like pulling out three corner jacks after a ride and watching the tyre “heal”.

I just got a commuter wheel set up and running comprising of Michellen tubes with removable valve, Stans no tubes and panaracer Ribmos. looking forward to punctureless winter commutes.

The only thing you need to worry about is not letting the tyres get go flat, for some reason makes the sealant go off.

Stans No Tubes - YouTube

Hutchinson make City Trekking tubes that have sealant in them already.
Bought a set from LBS for the super commuter as this what all they had in 700x37C at the time.
Seem good enough, but always make sure the valve is at the top of the rim when inflating :wink:

There’s always tire liners…
Mr Tuffy

Mr dull ride quality?

Ha! I doubt if most of us could tell the difference. With decent tyres too. I use them on 2 bikes and have had 1 flat in two years.

I hope you’re not just spouting internet wisdom there Horatio :slight_smile:

Like Nexus, I’ve used liners (just one in the rear tyre usually) for years with great success.

Haha heres one for kanye…

It’s all about the combo…
Stan’s works well on large holes but it’s slow to react ( you need to point the hole down and let the Stan’s flow through as it sloshes around in the bottom of the tire ) it drys out fast and it won’t go through a non removable valve core that well

Cafelatex foams up and reacts to holes much faster, can be put through a fixed valve core and dosent dry out so fast… But it’s to great with any thing bigger than 2.5mm dia.

Solution, for my tubbies I use 25mls of cafe and 15-20mls of Stan’s… Mixed up first…
You can put it through a fixed valve, and it works so good I got 2 punchers on my ride from Bondi to Newcastle, one front and a rear…

Neither did I notice when they happened or had to involve myself with… And I only noticed because I discovered latex on the frame.

Worst case you stop. Pull the glass/stone chip, and roll the tire down to let the Stan’s flow through the hole. Once it’s sealed up nice the tire is fixed, pretty much for good.

If its bad or takes ages to heal you might need a little air… Usually you don’t even notice until you stop…

It pays also to not let your tires sit completely flat as the latex can stick the tube togeather, causing massive failure when you repump the tube again

Oh and it will work just the same in clinchers. I got the mixing it tip from a MTB site by the way… The only bad thing is it makes a mess when sprayed every where…
And the espresso shots and pit stops are crap…
A small bottle of Stan’s, a valve core spanner and a pump is a much better idea for a spares kit.

ive had good success with pitstop in my tubs. shifter dan (and a couple of my OS friends) recommend cafelatex.

cafelatex can be had from shifter for those in melbourne. pretty sure ive seen it elsewhere too.

those sealant filled tubes are heeeaaaavy.