una scatola di ruote dentate appassionate

these bots are getting more and more sophisticated

+1 with passion

130mm still??

so erotic.

$470 for a cassette.

hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha get fucked.

You speak the truth

Not just that, you need to buy new shakes and mechs.

Imma wait til wireless 12 speed 105 is available before jumping on a bandwagon. In the meantime I’ll stick with my $40 cassettes and $20 chains.

another grub who doesn’t understand sensations/the maximum smoothness.

That’s not too bad…


Pffft. My dad was riding 12 speed back in the 70’s…

Could modern cranks get any uglier?

i can live with this.

how smooth is a fixie with a perfect 42mm chainline tho?

v v v v v smooth

At least you get a good gear range on this bad boy. 32t max is a ~~joke~~ it’s 2018 stop being such dweebs

Every one is tripping, this is the greatest day since camps anounced the 11 speed group.
HMC gets it,
If you get a year out of chain and cassette it’s $11 a week add on tyres/bar tape and your bike probably owes you $12 a week.
Feel the sensations or better still wait for chorus

dayne knowwwsssss

you’re both legitimately insane.