Unique car thread

Lovely cars … I would have thought “familyguy” would be more suited to a Volvo P1800 Estate. Nice lines, + can carry a bike easily.

My mum worked at Leyland (I remember the staff picnics). She was in the spare parts division, counter sales. Very busy job from what I remember her saying at the time.

^ spizza where at? my dad worked at leyland for ages, he was on the production line pumping out mini’s. Funnily enough he never owned one, he bought a brand new gemini instead. Really wished he kept that for me.

Those new FJ40s are everywhere in perth …i kinda like em though, considering it was designed by a kid straight out of design school.

Saw one of these in perth, couldnt pull over in time to make an offer =(

that’s awesome…i’d love one of these (for a van at least)

else, mid-life crisis car.

and have people seen the new subaru ad, featuring a Lady-Bug? i turned into a giggling school girl when i saw it, underpants got very moist very quickly.

More likely to be rollin’ with da bruthas packin’ pistols than rednecks with a shotgun. In this country rather ironically most redneck bogans will be driving a Toyota or Nissan 4WD, which both look like shite.

You’ve all heard of top fuel, but believe it or not there is actually a drag racing class called “Top Diesel”

Home of the World’s First 7 Second Diesel Dragster

Diesel powered drag racing is gaining in popularity in the US, mostly due to the availalitiy of pick-ups with large diesel engines from the factory.

Well I know which one I’d rather!

I will have one of these please

But if we are talking FJ’s I’d go the Icon FJ43 Baja

That s600 is sweet.

Nice little Suzuki truck. I really think Jap micro van’s/trucks are very cool.

I also like Nissan Pao’s but they’re very hard to find now in Oz (restricted import). There was one at Shannon’s auction about a year ago but it was too rough in the body to consider, and a lot of the trim was very tired. My head ruled and I passed. Mrs. Spirito can’t understand why I like little cars that look a bit girly-ish. I’d love a Renault 4 but the Pao is an awesome looking car that’s probably going to be easier to keep running (Nissan Micra running gear).

A neighbour pulled a sweet gold Citroen SM out of the shed the other day…Been under cover 20 years apparently! Mint.
My next registerable car will be:

thats exactly why i wanted one. for the gun rack. what do you drive?

I prefer the sedan, Simon Templar style. I didnt say the car had to carry the family.

Failing that:

Or any Golf GTi.


Definately one of the coolest 4WDs around. I can’t believe how expensive it is!

gf has a mk3 gti/VR6, nice to drive with power to boot! wouldnt mind an r32 though

or this

Looks like a J31 Nissan Maxima raped a new Suzuki Swift…

Gen 5 R32 is what I drive, from new, 4yo with 24k on the clock… only thing I’m likely to replace it with is this:

The 4.2 V8 will be gone by the end of the year and I know what the super charged V6 will be like.
And it’s hardly unique.

68 Barracuda fast back.
One Day…

Really? I’ve never had good taste and appreciation for cars with style…that’s why I used to roll in this:

Besides Jeep SRT8’s are f%$king nice for a ‘crossover SUV’ which is probably my least favourite of vehicle class.

This is what I’ve always wanted since I was a kid. Bike (Pugsley/Moonlander) on the back and go anywhere.