urgent ,i need a room for rent please


do you care what part of town you live?
are you vego/vegan (if so, do you object to living with omnivores)?
how long can you skid?

FLATMATE FINDER - The Australian FLATMATE Search Website

Roomshare in Melbourne Region, VIC - Gumtree Australia

you have one post. people here don’t know you. you might wanna tell us a little about yourself.

If you had to choose between your girlfriend and track bike, which one would you pick?

Quicksilver or Premium Rush?

are you versed in black majik and the occult?

Aerospoke or HPlusSon?

shirts or skins?

JLN or alexb?

Blakey or Brendan?

Necro Wizard or Murray?

campy, SRAM or shimano?

Good album that.

Maybe you should come to the Film night on Wednesday? (everyone’s doing it)

smuglord or bonglord?

all right thanks for the replies,
the budget is up to 225,250 P/w bills included and anywhere in the city, close to transport(for my gf) would be ok
I am a very quiet person, just like to ride , have dinner with my gf and work, drink rarely

I’ll post my ride, not sure of what I would keep between the two… ;):smiley:

upload pictures online

thanks for the links you gave me as well, I’ll have a look

cheers:) and sorry for not introducing myself and asking straight away for an acomodation but you know…

Rolly or Elmo?

f+*k aeropokes :cool:

wrong answer