urgent ,i need a room for rent please

rollerblades or razorscooter


Slayer or Anthrax?

apple, potato or cock?

moustache or beard?


Brakes or breaks?

jaffle or breville?

A rich handsome workaholic or a poor handsome guy who has plenty of time for you… wait what game are we playing?

it looks like every Fixed gear related forum I register is plenty of nutters ahahah:D

Polo or Yolo?


also, you need MOAR SEATPOST.

it’s a 61 frame, I couldn’t get a bigger frame than this one

foa or nutters?

choose carefully…


i’m not sure any sharehouses will be able to accommodate a giant…

how tall are you?!

also, so that it doesn’t get missed, you could come to this - http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f17/foa-movie-night-part-two-bbq-27805/ - tmrw night, good way to meet some people. i’m sure we’ll spot you, just don’t sit near the front :wink:

haha Rolly just got owned by a new member!

oh yeah, so owned. maaaaan, i sure am stingin from that one…

LOL H OWNED roland.

thanks, I’ll try to make it

I’m 6’3

so much ownage