urgent ,i need a room for rent please


eat one five-cent sized amount of your own poop each day for the rest of your life, or a one-off meal of a football sized ball of your own poop?

i’m amazed you were even able to type that brenno!

you’re gagging now aren’t you?!

Ha! (sorry Rolly)

i can’t choose.


Can you choose your meal beforehand? I’ve heard almonds and honey work wonders…

are we talking an AFL, regulation size, football here or one of those smaller, promotional ones?

Have sex with a goat once, and everyone hears about it… or, have sex with a goat daily, but nobody ever finds out.

Im now lost for words, What just happened here?

chux just lowered the bar.

Can the title be changed to ‘Brendan’s thread about poop’?

haha nice workaround there

i thought xbbx threw it away??

Can this man live in a Sherrin perhaps?

This thread just renewed my faith in FOA.

6’ of that must be leg. Shit, I’m over 6’3" and I don’t need that much leg reach. I would love to know the distance between your saddle and pedals


I knew someone would take it that way, but I thought I’d through out a freebie since this thread isn’t weird enough already