us election stuff

Obama spoke cards aside I just wanted to share this with the Black Helicopter crowd here …

a google news search for: mccain “pave spike”

results in … no results.

a google web search for: mccain “pave spike”

I hope they ‘swift boat’ him real good. And I hope they get Stallone (celebrity POW) to do it …

short version: Mccain made himself infamous in some circles for going batshit insane at the family of soldiers ‘missing in action’ who dared to ask him questions about ‘closing the books’ on the POW issue.

There are apparently still hundreds of POW rotting away in Vietnam - the US Gubmint were offered a ransom for them but they didn’t pay it, unlike the (‘cheese-eating surrender monkey’) French did in the 50s.

All I wanted to point out was that there’s some kind of d-notice shit keeping this out of the mainstream media - or they’re just waiting for their moment … :wink:

Also, google search ‘john mccain eats babies’. Brix were shat.

What?! You’ve lost me. :roll:


conspiracies aside,

They’ll get the leader they deserve

This is a forum for simple people interested in fixies alex4point0, not intellectual nerds! :evil:
Kidding aside, there is no way they’ll vote in Sarah Palin- she is a f*cking nutcase! Have you heard some of the crap she’s been spilling and effect it’s having on the supporters:

“I can’t trust Obama. I, I have read about him and he’s not, he’s not, hes a, a hes an an Arab” random crazy women in crowd
“You do not need to be scared of Obama…” McCain

Scary stuff…

I love her

one day she’ll be mine


“First Dude Shadow Governor” … what an awesome concept …

if shes elected they’ll have ‘bush’ for another presidential sitting.

great, now i can post this totally non politacally correct cartoon

ctrl-f “megalolz found”

I really hope obama gets elected. McCain winning the election is a pretty scary prospect.

When Bush was re-elected in 2004 I was in New York, working.

I thought it was a joke when they printed that he was re-elected.

It was no joke.

McCain will get in.

We’re all cunted.

Start diggin’ your bunker.

Geeze TC, woke up on the wrong side of the bed today? :roll:
Obama’s message of hope will surely get through in this period of turmoil you’d think. Especially since McCain’s negative campaign appears to be backfiring. haha


You are living under the assumption that Americans will get off their arses and actually vote, that when they do, they’re votes count and wont be overuled by a judge who is in a senators pocket, and that they are informed inviduals making their choice based on accurate information given them via mediastreams available to them.

none of the above apply, so…


Wish we weren’t.

Hoping worked for Froddo. That was in a movie.

I can’t help but think that’s the case.


Obama didn’t go for the high five at the end? :?


im stocking up on canned food, are YOU?

better add this to your in-bunker dvd collection

So if Obama gets in, they gonna shoot him like they shot Kennedy and King Jr?

“They got Zorro! They finally got the SOB!” – The FBI on the assassination of King Jr