van werkhoven - brissy

is nice

van werkhoven lightweight racer | eBay

Can’t believe this didn’t sell.

where the fukk was dayne and gypo?

thought this was a sure thing

and more to the point, why didnt YOU get it erle??

I’ve hit him up after no bids, trying to organise Courtier deetZ, got a friend who is very keen

sell reckons its a 58-59 tt…

dosnt look that big to me? maybe a 56 max?

either way it’ll be sweet, big-it’ll be a pub bike for me, smaller and it’s a roadie for a mate

I was going to bid but couldn’t be bothered to drive to pick it up. Be interested to see some better pics when you get it.

Good question Jase. I was put off by the (mis)size. I thought it looked 56ish but I’ve been wrong in the past and didn’t want to risk it. If I’d have got it it would have been running dura 7700 and cosmic pros.

Only slightly bummed, although if it’d been in Melbs I would have grabbed it anyway at that price.

I was watching this but couldn’t justify the courier costs to WA, otherwise would’ve bidded for sure.

cosmic pros, we wouldve been twinsies =D

what did you get quoted? shouldnt have been more then $100?

Yeah i spoke to him he lives 200m from my mate,

Funds iz tight this week mate. Freight was the deal breaker, plus no guarantee on packing = potentially ruined paint. It’s better off being bought local.

sux balls when good cheap shit slips through

y u no buy dayne?

Just bought a huge group lot of stuff.
Plus crappy photos I’m still talking with the guy now,

If it’s a 56 I’ll… you know… buy it off you.