Velo Orange Pass Hunter Disc

Pretty schmick looking bike.


[li]4130 double butted chrome-moly frame and fork.
[/li][li]IS brake mounts
[/li][li]1-1/8" threadless fork with lovely French-style bend and VO-designed brake mount.
[/li][li]700c wheel size.
[/li][li]135mm rear spacing.
[/li][li]Clearance for 35mm tires with fenders, 38mm without.
[/li][li]Internal routing for rear brake cable housing (or hydraulic tubing). There is a small internal tube brazed in for cable routing, making installation simple and preventing water from getting into the frame tubes.
[/li][li]Vertical dropouts.
[/li][li]Replaceable stainless steel derailleur hanger
[/li][li]Fender bosses under fork crown, at seat stay bridge, and at chainstay bridge for easy fender mounting.
[/li][li]Two water bottle cage mounts.
[/li][li]Single eyelets on rear dropouts. Fender and upper rack bosses on fork, plus front eyelets.
[/li][li]Internal seat stay eyelets
[/li][li]Seat tube decal over clear coat.
[/li][li]Metal head badge. (except on 51cm size)


Looks pretty decent for the price. Sliding dropouts would have made it belissimo.

I find this very attractive and look forward to one day being kid/mortgage free and building/ disappearing on a tourer.

Also: Wish my Swisscross came with a replaceable rear derailleur.

Your Swisscross is steel, it doesn’t need one, just bend it back into shape.

No idea why VO went with a replaceable one for this Pass Hunter Disc.

Yeah I know and it’s not bent… just seems like a good way of doing things to me.

So are Soma and Velo-Orange the same company then? Or does Soma just make frames for VO?

Not that I’m aware of, and their not owned by the same parent company either AFAIK. Pretty sure they both get their frames made in Taiwain AFAIK. And Soma is following along with this years theme of “Orange”.

No Geoff just had a massive brain fart when he said Soma.

Soma is owned by a company called Merry Sales who are an American distributor of Japanese bikes parts and Velo Orange is owned by a guy called Chris Kulczycki who started off selling rare and hard to find vintage French bicycle parts and then got into making reproductions of said parts in Taiwan.

Edit: Actually going a bit deeper, Soma is a joint venture between Merry Sales and a bike shop in San Fransisco called American Cyclery.

Looks good. USD$620 plus shipping. Pity the postage and exchange rate sucks

Thanks - fixed.

he actually started off selling wooden boat kits for home builders!

And when the steel one snaps? Replaceable should be on every bike imho.

Braze a new one on. Better not to snap it though eh. It’s pretty uncommon.

Ahhh 'tis true. I didn’t know whether we wanted to get into his pre-bike days.

Tend to agree. Surely easier than welding a new one

Only one I’ve ever broken was a replaceable one. And it wouldn’t have broken if it was steel.

Not everyone is a racer bro mixing it up at the local crits and crashing every second week.

Never seen one brake at races but most the times we go out on the aqueducts or trails I see one broken or mangled beyond repair,
A simple stick in the spokes flicked up then game over.
The beauty of a replaceable one is the do brake easy but you carry a spare,

Also, not all racer bros crash every second week.

its horses for courses i reckon, I’d like a replaceable hangar on a steel MTB for the reasons dayne gave above.

Neither my drakkar or my Ti CX bike have replaceable hangars, but I am pretty sure the mech would break before the hangar got deformed beyond saving in both cases, 7mm of pure ti or stainless steel.

Which although mechs are more expensive than hangars a compatible mech is easier to find at a shop than the correct hangar.