Velosophy randonnee

Anyone else doing this?? Alex D??

Team FOA FTW!!

Pew Pew I’m on it too! Busting the FOA jersey out too.

I bought some new kit, but i don’t think its going to arrive in time :frowning:

Hey. Yes, I’m in.

Who’s in your team Henry? Are you taking the All-City?

I only just remembered this when I saw it on FB yesterday. Alas, too late to get in a team and I already have family plans :frowning:

Next time I will be more organazised.

Have fun, looks like it’ll be a killer time.

Looks fucking fun, but I’ll be all the way over in Amsterdam. Oh, woe is me.

Only just saw this but too late for me. Grew up around there and know these roads well. You guys will have a ball !!

I don’t know this existed, granted if I was going to take this Sunday off work I would of one to the snow with mates.

Carlin is out, unfortunately. Anyone else keen to join Bob and Dan and I on Team FOA?

That hurt.


That was awesome! Let’s do another in a couple of weeks/months… #notbeachrd

I’m keen. Just need a bit of lead time to get family stuff organised.

i’ll need a few months to gain any minute level of fitness… May have placed an order for some new rubber to get rolling again.

I’m gonna suggest something crazy: how about you come for a ride? My next door neighbour is just starting out and I want to give him some tips on group riding etc before taking him on a shop ride. I reckon a slow roll out Windsor road is in order, and three of us would make it easier to ride in a “group”.

If i can put together a bike with gears I’ll be keen.
Started riding again but only fixed for now (hurting but good). Need gears … head winds and hills are killing me.

I’ll be happy to offer more slow rollouts till I get some sort of condition.

So … apart from hurting, how was the ride guys? Where, what roads, any pics?

Slow roll out sounds good. As for the rando, I’ve seen a few sneak pics on instagram but am keen to see more and a route map maybe? Strava, garmin?

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