Victorian Cyclocross Open.

See here: Cyclocross to host first Open Event

And here: 2011 Cycling Victoria Winter Calendar - Victorian Cyclocross Open

And my thoughts on it here: Dirty Deeds Urban Cyclocross Series: Samantha.

Also, in breaking news, the DDCX commentary team will be providing “insights” at this event. I’ve also been assured that no one will be pulled up due to their outfits - wear whatever jerseys you like.

As it says on the blog, this is the next step towards big exciting things. We should all support the hell out of it.

Anyone keen to help set up should stay tuned.


Word is that SA will be sending over their big guns to show Vic how cross is really raced.

If you arent going to race you are encouraged to come out and hands-off welcome the foreigners, and encourage the locals.

anyone keen to help hammer in some stakes should rock up around 9. as per usual, bring a hammer and some gloves. or, if you’re a total hardman, neither.

Entered and looking forward to it.


and about to hit the Yarra Trails since its such a lovely day and I’m still on holiday until next week.


I swore to myself that I would not enter this, cos cross is hard, and I’m sick of the pain it causes me. Plus this race is an hour, and I can’t even fathom racing for 15 more minutes by the 45 minute stage.

That said, the idea that, should everyone else crash, I could become the first cyclocross open winner in victoria, is enough to make me wanna pin the number on.

After all, this is something i could tell my grandchildren about.

“Did you know i raced in the first ever victorian cyclocross open?”

“fuck off gramps, and stop trying to kickflip my hover board”.

Can I race this on my dumb bike with small wheels?

Yes. Diameter must be between 55cm and 70cm, including the tyre. 26" rims have a bead seat of 559mm, so you’re golden

Aerospokes aren’t ok though. 12 spoke minimum.

Your bike’s not dumb, it’s rad.

So in!

Will resurrect SS Crosscheck. Will hammer in stakes. Will barf up a lung.

so no discs??

I can’t book online due to no credit card (don’t trust myself), do we think there’s a chance it’ll fill up before the day?

I rego.

i register’d for A grade, im a gonna die

get a debit card.

I have an eftpos card brooo

Brendan - I’m happy to help out. If you have anything in particular in mind that you need help with PM me, otherwise happy to just turn up at 9 on the day and pitch in.

Saying that, may help bang in some posts then enter in the open grade - no better time to start racing CX than the present…

it’s not my party, i just relayed the message. so i don’t really know. but yeah, turn up at 9, report to Kipp, start banging!

hott tip for this race: FJ to finally take his revenge on Nik Cee. you heard it here first.

however, they will probably both still lose to gene.

go see dave morgan at DISC on a tuesday night. he’ll hook you up.

i’ll try and get along to help set up.

i went and talked to dave last tuesday, he told me to just rock up and enter on the day.