Victorian Cyclocross Open.

I’ll send Dave a Facebook message, disc is too far away for me on a work night.

this is likely. im sick and HMC has been training like a jock. plus this course looks more like what he is used to (a road race/crit) than what i am used to (muddy trails). i have no shame being beaten another member of HK, but it would suck if he did it wearing only rip curl attire.

gene however brings the awesome everywhere so will triumph over us all…

Looks like my money is going on ‘Kelly’ then.


This is getting out of control.

got online banking? if so, i can register for you and put it on my CC, then you can pay me on the internetz.

but you better pay me!! anyone heard from that LP guy lately…? yeah, coz he owes me money. that’s right.

send me the link (and your CV licence number or whatever you need) if you would like to proceed with this transaction*

*at 85% interest…

Don’t bring your virus with you… which means, I hope yr feeling better

You would do that for me Rolly? Aww man you’re the best!

yeah i would. text me all the info i need and i’ll send you my bank details

I think I already have them…
I’ll organize it tonight. <3

you can also direct deposit CV. ring up the office, they’ll sort you out.

Can I be the one to whinge about the price for B-Grade race?

sure. i mean, no one will listen, but go ahead!

40 bucks is pretty much standard for a CV open. i once paid 40 bucks for three races in E grade.

Well it could be worse Reuben - they won’t charge you $50 (that would normally be the case) to race in your cutoffs or non-approved custom skinsuit so I’m happy - given that it is a cyclesport victoria open event. In fact the CV guy I spoke to sounded pretty relaxed about the whole thing which is fine by me.

So I checked out the course they’ve got on their website here :

2011 Cycling Victoria Winter Calendar - Victorian Cyclocross Open

It’s dead flat! No run-up? It’s all lumpy grass and a couple of small paved sections. It’s bone dry atm but hopefully the rain will rough it up a bit between now and Sunday, though being set around soccer ovals the drainage might be pretty good?

I’ll be racing SSCX, leaning towards a bigger gear atm. I think it might be a fast course.

Anyone else checked it out?

Ask the numerous people who have bogged their cars at Tuesday Track if it drains well :wink:

i’ll be doing recon on saturday, after the gounds got a bit more moisture in it (which is what mr weatherman told me he was organising for this week)

i’m assuming tire size will be a non-issue for the officials. i’d much rather run my fattest for getting thru slop.

It’s looking like rain for the end of the week and weekend so it could be pretty spongy. No hills? Crazy. Are there stairs or anything Angry?

map available here:

2011 Cycling Victoria Winter Calendar - Victorian Cyclocross Open

No stairs on the course they’ve posted. There’s a small embankment that get crossed a couple of times - not very big but you’ll probably hate it after the tenth time :slight_smile: Their map shows some tight corners - if they add some thoughtfully placed barriers it could really favour the technical rider by breaking up the long straights. (please do this, i have no hope if it’s a smashfest!)

I don’t know what limitations they’re working under (e.g. there’s definitely some soccer games on in the morning) but, for my money, I’d hit the northeast corner of the northernmost soccer field where there’s a worthy run-up and then run the course around inside that northeastern paddock before returning to the start/finish. But hey, it’s going to be rad whatever they come up with - and that course map they posted looks pretty preliminary so who knows what they’ll throw at us on the day.

Alls I know is that I was up at 5am this morning to sneak in some garage time and get started re-building my Crosscheck. Can’t wait!