Hey everyone,

I’ll be in Tassie just after New Years, for a few days. Anyone fancy a bike ride?

I will be in Melbourne, so this could be difficult…

You should try and get down just before for the taste of tassie.

Ugh, taste of Tassie is nothing special.
I’ve tasted Tasmania before.

And Kit - come to Tassie! We’ll do some epic ride!

im in tassie from 2 days before xmas until 3 days into the new year… what is this taste you speak of

and i will have my bike

Trying to convince Mrs P!N2 that taking my bike down is a good idea - will be there (L’town) from Xmas eve to Jan 6, I think.

PM user sekt

I’m always down for a ride/beer and am a Hobart local.

Bah, I don’t arrive until about the 10th. No-one’s hanging around that long?

give me a holla if your in the launceston area. I’ll be in hobart for about a week either side of new years working on either falls fest or taste of tasmania though

I will certainly be in the Launceston area.
10th - 15th, from memory.

Hello. I’m up in Darwin & Melbourne over Xmas/NYE, but I’ll be back home on the 2nd. Always up for a ride. What bike are you bringing?

Don’t know if I’ll be able to bring mine over - might have to just build a wheel and bring that to put on my brother’s old SS.
Aren’t you in Hobart, though?

I might be there Pre-New Years & a day or two after… Looks like I might be accompanying a friend to falls. Jeeze it seems expensive to by Tasmanian Spirit at that time of year… Hopefully be bringing the bike too.

Yeah I’m in Hobart. I do my best to keep a fair distance from Launceston.

wow, sound like there is lots going on in Hobart around xmas…ill be there till the 16th of Jan…i would love to ride with some locals (road and/or mountain).

If you’re keen for an MTB ride, there’s one that leaves from outside Cyclingo (466 Macquarie Street, South Hobart) every Wednesday evening at 6pm. Generally goes for just over two hours at medium pace. Inevitably involves plenty of hills.

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I just saw there was no activity in the Hobart thread for six months. Where has everyone gone? I’m in Hobart and it rocks. Going to MONA makes it even better

I’m still here… Still rollin’ on a fiksay.