vote for me!

for the scody 2009 people’s choice cyclist of the year!

nominate: brendan bailey

because it would be fucking awesome if some aging fixie punk with bad tattoos and worse attitude took it out.

i could well be that fixie punk!

just put mine in - took all of 20 seconds. Do It! let’s win this shit!

Is this a joke? :evil:

i think folks prefer to call it “the power of the internet”.

come on horatio! spend 20 seconds to make a fancy corporate event a little more awkward! vote brendan bailey! if i win, you can have all my free champagne.

i voted, good luck, pixie funk


I thought you meant me. :?

Isnt your head big enough?

oh come on shortsie. you love taking the piss as much as i do. go vote!

I voted on behalf of heatseeker… :stuck_out_tongue:

If I vote for you, any chance of a wristy?

I dunno xbbx-man, choosing a proper race over the Fix Up alleycat really saw you take a fall in my celebrity standings. Mind you, the heckling at the IHH show last week was entertaining…when do we have to vote by?

you get my vote

With the amount of useless noob members floating around at the moment, maybe 25 posts and a vote should be the law :wink:


votes have to be in by this friday.

I anticipated that you’d say yes, so I’ve already voted. I’ll PM you regarding the wristy. Discretion is a must.

my votes in.

in loving memory of the voting cat.

less lolcats more votes!