Wald basket mounting help.

So my wife bought a Wald front basket while in the USA and I was looking at it this morning to install it. At the moment, if it’s installed, the struts make it sit up at about a 45 degree angle. Her frame is kinda small and I can raise her bars a bit, but it won’t make a huge difference to the angle of the basket.

I’m thinking of drilling a hole in the strut (at the basket end of the strut) and cutting the strut down to level the basket out. Is this going to work or will it affect the strut too much structurally? She won’t be carrying huge weight in her basket. Maybe a handbag, ulock, bottle of wine etc.

Is there any other way I can do this?

Blakey? Azz?

That is exactly what Blakey told me to do to mine to make it less flexy. I have not done it yet. I don’t own a drill.

Yup, get the basket level and as close to the head tube and low over the tyre / fender as you can, then see where the stay needs to be drilled & chopped to mount to the eyelet / P clamp and mark / flatten /cut / drill.

This is why I now prefer Sunlite baskets, the adjustable stays rule.

Awesome. Exactly what I wanted to hear.

Chanks guys!

Any source for these in Oz?

Nope, asked local shops if they were available through any distros, no luck. Amazon carry them :wink:

Drilled and chopped the struts yesterday. Worked perfectly.


Oh, would you like a bungee net to stop treats bouncing out? There’s a 100Yen shop in Melb that sells them for cheap, I could grab & post if required.

It’s pretty much this: Amazon.com: Sunlite Bicycle Bungie Cargo Net, Black: Sports & Outdoors
And I think it’s about $5.

I’ll take one tonight. I need to flatten the struts better, but it seems to be holding fine now.

I have a net already, thanks for the offer though.

Well that didn’t work.

There’s some photos on my Flickr.

I’m about to cut-the-struts soon to get one fitted to the front of my commuter. Thinking of fixing it halfway up the forks with P clamps though, as it is a bit fiddly to get it fixed to the fender eyelets.

I never cut the struts on my 2 Wald baskets.
If I understand what your problem was all I did was to mover the basket more forward over the front wheel (to level it) and tightened up the brackets on the handle bars and the nuts on the front wheel.
Are you saying that it would sag if you did that even.

It looks good in your Flicker pics.

Mine was mounted like this. Never a problem.

^Feck I miss that frame and bike.

Your struts are adjustable though, right?

I wanted the basket to sit as low and as close to the headtube as possible. It would’ve looked shit if I just had it further out and up higher.

Next time I see it’s current owner here in Sydney I’ll tell him and see if he’s keen to sell it back :wink:

Ok Ben but if I remember correctly you’ll need a translator if you want to converse with the guy I sold it too.

That’s Ok, I got a few translators if I need and we kinda know each other … It’s a long shot though as he’s really kitted it up with a Chub rear hub, pista cranks and deep drop Cinelli stem. Like I said if he might consider selling I’lll let you know.

I loved the cranks I had on there when I sold it to him…Truvativ Touro’s (as in pic).

The frame was too small for me anyway and he paid way too much for it :wink:

I am glad to hear that he’s pimped it and rides it though.

Ps Ben have a peek at my post in the wanted thread.

Thread dig… my wife got a bike fit this morning and the bars have been raised on her bike and now the struts are too short.

Anyone know where I can get some replacement struts for a Wald basket? Preferably adjustable. Online is fine.

Edit: Would p-clips work?