Wald Front Basket Bags

So I wanted to get this discussion away from the other thread.

So Wald 137 front basket options so far as follows - if anyone else has any that they know about, please add to the list:

Dark Realm

Swift Industries

Old Bag Cycling

Tera Rosa



Blue Lug

Pretty basic bag.

Blakey used the SASS function, Ezy. Why can’t you use it?

Blakey and I are fighting


Any others?

Because you asked so nicely


Dang it.

make one?

Have used a Surly Porteurhouse bag on a couple of short, non-technical bikepacking trips now. Fit onto a cetma 5rail nicely. Solid bag.
My nearly finished build has a Surly 24pack rack, and I intend on switching between using a wald 139 + net, and the porteurhouse bag depending on the trip (the bag isn’t one that’s designed to fit into a basket like the above)


I believe the swift bag is quite small compared to the others, yes?

Swift is 11L in volume IIRC.


This one as well.

For the 139 though, you were after the 137.


This fits the 137 perfectly. Obviously you’d need to work out your own mount/clip

My unsolicited 2c.

I reckon you’re overthinking this. The Tera Rosa bag looks perfect. Well thought out design, not too expensive compared to others, plus local supplier who you know will give good support.

Ezy doesn’t overthink things. What colour are you going to get Ezy? #newthread

Speaking of overthinking, how’s that underpowered dynamo working out for you?