Wald Front Basket Bags

I don’t know if it will work Jono can you please confirm?

Take off shoulder strap, clip clips to side of rack?

Yup - I am more than likely going to go down the Tera Rosa path and I have an email with them now with a small question.

Im more just compiling a list now for others.

Colour: Black please.

flat, matte, weathered, velour, woven, charred, flannel.

Oh shit. starts new thread

I reckon Terra Rosa could do you a custom. Add a window pocket for your map and compass

Then what do you do with the battery pack?

There’s some good banter here today

leave it at home on the charger.

I’ve tried contacting these guys about one for my Pass & Stow rack, sans basket, with no luck :frowning:

Sime’s old bag cycling one is pretty excellent. But terra rosa make great stuff (and have good stickers).

I’m off to see Evan from Terra Rosa this arvo about getting a bag made for my 139 basket.

Sweet - I had a good convo with Evan on Friday afternoon. Didn’t realise he is Canadian, I like him even more now.
Hopefully we should have something good to go in the future.

We had a good chat this arvo. Nice ride out to where his factory is too.

Will be getting a lighter weight black canvas bag, yellow lining and orange straps/trim to suit the 139 basket and tie in with the bike.

For reference, the standard Terra Rosa 137 basket bag is not lined. I put a thin bit of foam in the bottom to provide a little padding.

Another one


~140AUD Delivered from US tho only in multicam atm.

I can attest to the subtle brilliance of the Terra Rosa bag. While not the most fancy it is probably the most versatile I’ve seen. Plus it’s made in Aus by a really nice guy. The prettier loaf style ones are great for around town but limiting in capacity. The Terra Rosa has swallowed a whole fruit and veg shop which sat more than twice as tall as the basket.

If I bought mine again I would request that the lower male/female clips are opposite to remove 1 of 5 clips (it has a weird set up with male for both lowers and one of the uppers has both male and female while the other only has a female), and that there is some padding sewn into the base (as mentioned by eraser215). I’d consider omitting the shoulder strap too but then I might regret that one.

For what it’s worth, Evan repairs stuff when it inevitably wears too. He even happily repairs things he didn’t make.

Thanks Luke! Yeah I seem to agree with the loaf style bags. They do look quite small and I would probably find myself having to stack + net items on the front.

Would you think a removeable shoulder strap would work? I have one on my BOGear Dufflay.


Also, an idea for the shoulder strap. You could possible make it like the PDW takeout bag strap. Stitched on the inside so when not in use, it just tucks into the bag itself.