Warburton Cycle Fest

How many from here are going?


FYI http://www.warburtoncyclefest.com.au/

yup, hope it rains.

I’m going to embarrass myself in the Cx race i believe.


I’m going to embarrass nik and james in the Cx race i believe.

you know, unless i get too lazy and fat over the next few weeks.

two things:

1.do you mean you will race and beat us, thus shaming us. or will you just heckle us?

  1. i’m not sure how you could get much fatter…
  1. i am considering racing, and will shame you thus, but will heckle you both whether i am on the bike or off it.

  2. whoa, way to tease a brother into an eating disorder…

Please race, it’ll be great. Also please don’t develop an eating disorder, i like you just the way you are.

Planning on racing in the CX race if leave pass situation can be negotiated successfully.


getting beaten by a near-state champ (admittedly in another discipline) aint going to shame me much… i should however log some more time on the dirt so i dont get beat by HMC :oops:

There’s no shame in it Nik. I excel naturally.

edit: are you registering ahead of time, or will you do it on the day?

early, but not yet…

im keen as for the cx race

Ok, there is the CX stuff, but what about the fixed events?

Quite tempted by racing, would be on a 26" though, possibly my downhill bike for lulz. :smiley:

I will be there doing a demo on a 12 foot high unicycle. Hopefully I will not die. Should be awesome.

how about a 22 foot uni?

Planning on having a race in the CX, prolly just be SS though so may not be threatening too many of you.


haha… like Dan wasnt that threatening in the psychoX?

why SS? havent you put gears on your new frame?

Nah no gears as such, still can’t decide how I want it set up.

Think just 1x9 or 10 but would like a mountain range ie. 11-32+. 9sp fine in those ratios but hard to find decent STI shifters for, in a 1x10 I could go 11-28, easy shifters but not sure if thats a low enough gear with a 39 on the front.