Warmer weather cycling apparel (for n00bs).

Basically I would like a jersey that doesn’t look a lot like a jersey that I can ride in now that warmer weather is coming. Bit sick of wearing cotton t-shirts.

I’m not really looking for a whole cycling kit (plus I don’t think I’d get that much use out of it just now as much as i like the Cadence kit), so I’m looking along the lines of Rapha etc that can be worn with cough cut off jeans or shorts and not look totally stupid. Maybe a just little bit stupid.

So yeah, breathable, jersey fit, pockets on the back, reasonably plain, not splashed with logos (unless they’re cool vintage ones).

Like this: Country Jersey | Rapha but yeah, doesn’t have to be Rapha.

man up. Lycra. Although my Raphaaaaa is pretty comfortable


I’m kind of thinking use vs. expense.

Don’t worry I’ve been preeeeetty close hitting buy it now on the Cadence or MASH kits, but as I said, I don’t think I’d get heaps of use out of them just now (plus I have no money).

Cool, thanks.

Sam had some fitted, tech fabric tees in the shop. Made in Melburn. They look good.
Can’t remember the brand. And had a pocket for your stuff.

“And too slow posting”

Pretty sure they were Creux, as linked above.

For cycling gear that doesn’t look like lycra, get some Ground Effect kit. Something like the Median Strip or Road Rage.

Only problem is that the colours are more often than not quite naff. I have a SS tee and a LS, long zip hooded top, both are now 3 years old and still trucking just fine.

The Ground Effects stuff looks good, but I was hoping for something a tad more “retro”… God I’m a wanker.

I got a light-weight merino jersey from Lab Gear a couple of years back.

It’s ok - the elastic is a bit too tight for my liking. But the fact it’s merino means it doesn’t stink the place up in summer, plus you can customise the colours to get exactly what you want.

i use a sombrio merino jersey for what your describing. picked it up in a wiggle clearance last year.

The Lab Gear and Sombrio ones look pretty good.


When you’re in W̶a̶n̶k̶e̶r̶ ̶T̶o̶w̶n̶ Melburn next check out Episode clothing - vintage jerseys from Europe.

i hear horatio has a sure fire way to keep cool when out riding on hot days…

shock news : wearing jeans or cut off jeans while cycling looks more stupid than wearing lycra looks

Alexb618, i feel sorry for you. Sorry because you have not experienced the joy of riding a track bicyle with no brakes very fast through your closest central business district while wearing jeans that you cut just above the knees last summer.

You should rock these over your cough cut offs.

Tri Tops !!

I’ve scored some funny looks and comments of late when rides have finished at the pub while out in sleeveless compression tops


Yeah, but also buying a full kit off eBay with misspelled logos and stretched see-through fabric across the arse ain’t a good look either.

depends on location, for example goldcoast…