Warmer weather cycling apparel (for n00bs).

where do you hide your heater in that?

Ha! Gold…

^^^ keh? what are you smokeing?

“warmer weather cycling apparel”

not “warmer cycling apparel”

the heater he means is this.

If your after a perfect top for summer try this.

fuking derp derp you, you fuking derka derka dumb cvnt… what dayne said

Maybe I’ll convince my wife to buy me this for Christmas.

Is that Davey Havok from AFI?

aaaahhhh i c, dont they reserve said “heaters” for cops and generally just stab ppl?

EDIT: and this “cvnt”…

Oh you are one small step away from Primal Wear…

Primal Wear - Pink Floyd Prism Men’s Cycling Jersey

C’mon Alex, you know I’m an indie kid!

However, the answer I’ve been looking for is this…

De Marchi merino look alright.

I like the creux stuff… gonna pick up a pair of those shorts.

Really like Torm for the money too… TORM

The Torm stuff looks good too.

Don’t worry about the ‘indie’ bit and rock one of these.

Be cool like Chex and get a Bernard kit.


It’s nice.

that is real nice

if you purchase when in stock let me know because i would purchase this also

That’s is killer

go formal, I do sometimes, people love it!

Primal Wear - The Ritz Blue Men’s Cycling Jersey

Swrve do some clothes… dont know much about them except that the trousers are those kinds that are cycle specific so they’re low at the front and theyy’re fine on the bike but you can see spiders legs coming out the top if you’re standing up with no shirt on.