WCP and the Sydney Junket

So there’s a strong chance I’ll be coming up to Sydney on Tuesday the 15th for a little conference on the 16th. I’ll bring a bike, and I’m thinking I might go on an adventure on Thurs-Sun, flying home Sunday arvo.

Two initial questions:

  • Any ride suggestions? I can be fully unsupported. Or maybe I should just get to know the city a bit.
  • Anyone got a bunk I can stay in on Tues/Wed/Maybe Thursday that’s amenable to North CBD transit?

Come on the 12th and party at Cicli Spirito, it’s where all the cool kids at

Who’s WCP?

Ooooo… hnnggg.

Supposed to be going to the Grampians for a big old rando ride on the 13th.

I’d be keen to do a city ride any night - we could go for an explore ride and get cheap but good food in china town and have beers at barangaroo . You’re more than welcome to stay at mine, but I have kids & no room except a fold out lounge so you’ll probably get a better offer.

Alex D (etomato) is the man to talk to re adventure riding - there is a good overnighter you could do riding from sydney down through the royal nat park, camp at bundeena (not free but amenities) or little marley (free but no amenities) , then ferry to cronulla, then ride back. Otherwise there is the Wiseman’s gravel grind (single day 90 oddkms) or heading out to the mountains & further for some multiday rides.

Wisemans is great.

WCP, are you on the “Bump’n’Grind” Fb page?

The guys on there just posted a great looking 200km dirt overnighter from the weekend - out around Wiseman’s Ferry / St Albans. I’m keen to hear more about it myself.

I’m yet to strap bags to my bike but I am keen to learn more about this curious wizardry. As Rod said there is great camping in the RNP. That area is easily accessed by train too.

Otherwise I can’t offer much sorry, I won’t have much spare time on those dates.

Would be down for a city ride. Too time poor for anything else I think.
If your around of Friday, there will be some good old track racing to watch.

Keen for a city ride too, perhaps out to the beaches and down to la perouse?

Good lead. Investigating. Ta!

Subscribed. Can’t offer a bed or do an overnighter, but will do my best to hang out on the weekend. Particularly if your travels bring you to the great Northwest.

Top of my head thinking is Conference Wednesday, hangover Thursday, maybe head out of town that evening or hang out in town? That Wiseman’s overnighter Fri/Sat, hang out Saturday night, fly home Sunday early arvo.

That overnighter looks ace.

If you’re going to ride out to Wiseman’s and back from the city, I could meet you at Wiseman’s on the Saturday morning and ride back towards my place with you. Or something.

I wanna overnighter too!! If I can get off work / leave early I’ma comin’.

Not to be pushy, but any advances on Rod’s awesomely generous offer of a bed? Get in Tues at about 1840hrs. Might stay with my colleagues on Wednesday night. Will need somewhere to crash on Saturday night too, and maybe Thursday.

Social ride and/or drinks Thursday or Saturday night? Will influence my accommodation plans…

You serious? Got a garmin?

Righto. I booked an AirBNB for Tues/Wed nights. Might go out to the start of the ride on Thursday night. Anyone keen on beers/tucker on Saturday night? I don’t have a bed organised for that night yet either.

Would normally have a room on offer but have visitors this weekend.

Not sure if I can make the Cicli Spirito party - I’ve heard spaces are limited, maybe you can take my spot?

I’m talking the weekend after eh. I’m coming up on the 15th, out on the 20th. Gunna miss Papa’s gig cos riding in the Grampians.