Wednesday Fix v4.0

I don’t want this to turn to shit so we’re going to start again.

Strictly ride related questions and information only please. Other posts may be deleted.

Take all whinging/bitching to the ‘pub’ from now on. People on the ride will be encouraged to obey all road rules at all times (I will be and I don’t care if I get left at a set of lights). It’s all just about having fun from here on in.

Ride meets at 6:30 @ Fed Sqr steps
In the event of rain, meet point moves to Fed Sqr atrium off Flinders between Russell and Swanston (opposite Nandos)

Re: [MEL] The Wednesday Fix v2.0
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Hey guys/girls,

I’ve been getting a few questions about Wed nights and I thought I’d clear up a few things:-

The ride is nothing too serious. There’s usually a few faster guys but we stop and regroup often and nobody gets left behind. We want to try and build it up as much as we can so tell all of your friends that ride. Last week we did some different thinks like a smash through a multi storey car park, over some cobbled lanes and through a golf course sand bunker etc. It’s all about having FUN but we’ll try and increase some skills and fitness along the way.

It’ll be good to have you all along. Usually finishes around 8:30ish but you can bail at any time along the way. Now it’s daylight savings we’ll probably have a quick beer at the end.

As I’ve said previously, I’m open to quirky ride ideas at all times and if you feel up for it anybody can take the lead. There’s no rules except that you must bring a smile and have a laugh and take the piss out of each other.

PM me anytime if you want anything cleared up.




why do we need v4?

yeah. v4 is shit - doesn’t even have cup holders. let’s move on to v5 already.

For the same reason we needed v3 and v2 - because v3 ended up full of off topic rubbish and it was time for a refresh.


v4 is now redeemed. Carry on.

Who’s in?

I’ll be there.

As long as it’s not pissing down, I’ll be there.

yeah - count me in. Any route idea’s?

yep, weather permitting

i’m on the ‘snot rocket’ for technical reasons… but ill be there if its not raining hard (minimal wet weather gear with me)

I think i’ll come along…bendigo hotel parma and pot for $10 tonight though.

I’ll be there as long as it’s not raining

What, like in Bendigo? That’s a mission but I’m keen for $10 parma and pot

ah well that sucks balls - had to double back and get my helmet (how do you forget that?) got held up with Flinders st lights and lost the group. where did you guys end up going?

rough description of the route:
-out to southern cross station

  • around docklands/footscray rd to the turn off to the drains
  • drains to an abrupt turn off
  • through the back of kensington (including parts of this years roubaix route :evil:)
  • down to south kensington skatepark where ian_humanXX dropped his chain in a rather spectacular fashion coming down the hill
  • out through the stockyards
  • up through flemington to mt alexander rd and along the drains some more
    across west brunswick on union st to sydney road (where an overweight boofhead and hans exchanged polite words, and we thought it might get physical)
  • across to st georges rd down into the city

Bendigo hotel in Collingwood just near the tote.
I think i may have passed you guys on the way home, were you at the swanston/elgin/melbourne uni intersection when it started to get a bit greasy?

ah! Bummed I missed it - probably should have sussed out where we were heading before I doubled back :roll:! love a drain run…

Fun ride guys-
I’m always scared going over the cobbles thinking that a spokes going to pop or something. Yet I’m pleasantly surprised by how durable most wheelsets are these days… :slight_smile:
Just don’t make me do it again!!